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#1 Mar 04 2011 at 6:59 AM Rating: Sub-Default
6 posts the target from pad!!

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And I thought I have problems?

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Target Party, All , Enemy and Friendly.. can be disable?
I find it so hard to use..
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thearktorino wrote: the target from pad!!

Welcome to the forum.
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597 posts da po-lice!

Wait, that's not what this thread's about?
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It took some getting used to but I'm digging the new targeting system. I have the habit of hitting Down on my pad to select myself from my days playing FFIX so getting used to the new system took me a time to get down. I have it down now and I think it's great.
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Yeah Maxom, that's been my only issue so far - gonna take a bit to break that habit, heh heh. Still, once I get used to that I think it will work fantastic - I'm very glad they added it.
#8 Mar 04 2011 at 9:09 AM Rating: Decent
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I really struggle with this, as I use a game controller too. I realize though it will take some getting used to, but right now, I am very frustrated with it.
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As a mage/support I struggle with this too. I like the idea but don't like SE not utilizing the up and down buttons on the D-Pad to target party members like XI did. Would like the up and down buttons for more targeting options and the new ability to be set to a separate button of my choice.
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Yes, I'm having problems getting used to this, as most who have posted here. Like everyone else, I used the down button to target myself in both ffxi and this, before the change.

I almost died doing a simple faction leve I've been doing forever lol. Aside from the 'habit' of the down button for self-targeting, the thing I don't like about it is that to switch back and forth in battle situations, you need to close your action bar. Most likely because I'm not used to it, once you close down the action bar, it's easy enough in the routine to change the target default and find yourself targeting a friendly or yourself when you open the action bar back up, requiring another action bar shutdown to re-target the enemy, or vice versa for cures/heals.

I'll reserve judgement on this, but right now, I find it cumbersome and quite confusing. Nothing beats the good ol' days of ffxi macro's with /ta <stpc> or <stnpc>. I guess we all were spoiled by that - it was automatic lol. If macro's ever become the ticket for ffxiv, it will negate even having to open the action bar, in which case I would vote to have this newly installed targeting mechanism removed.

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