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Where’s the adrenaline?!?!Follow

#1 Mar 04 2011 at 11:26 AM Rating: Decent
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Hi all Zamers,

I’m more than a reader then a writer but this time I’d like to say a few words

Been playing regularly the game since almost day one.
So far I’m very please of what the new team is doing and most important is trying to do
after the butch job of the previous team.
But while trying to hard to please everyone, imo they making the game to easy.
What struck me in my early experience in FFXI that made me love that gave so much.
Is the fact that dangers roam everywhere?

I still remember my first walk and grinding has a fresh newby in Valkurm Dunes.
Gobs and crabs lurking at every turn, people screaming Bogy! As you see him wandering around
leaving behind him a trail of corpse.
Or at level 20 my first trip to Jeuno alone with no clue where to go, took my over 3hrs.
Never had so much adrenaline pumping to ma vain for such a long time.

Now with the new Icons on aggro mobs, Eorzea is becoming a real joke, I could give my controller to my 4 year old daughter to get to point A to be B with no worry while I’m making souper.
If there’s a war in the land, we need to see it and specially feel it.
Get those stupid icons out imo and put more agro mobs instead.
Already death cost nothing and that should change if you ask me.
No more getting kill to save one anima to return and when you spent hours
to earn to precious skills points, you’ll do everything in your power to stay alive a keep them.
People should think twice before leaving the cities in foot to save a few anima.

Imagine, I’m a lv 35 miner and I died twice during all that time and from the same mob.
The new goat nm introduce recently in Nophica’s Wells. That alone says a lot.
Eorzea is to peaceful there supposed to be a war going on, Where is it, where are those beastmen? We need more of those, more death, more screaming = more fun, more story to tell and cry/laugh about!
That’s what MMO should be all about.

I know SE have a lot in there plate, I’m patient, I can wait because i love the franchise and can easely see a future for FFXIV the way thing are going and the effort the putting on making this game better but let’s not move backward. And the icons was one of them and mob size was useless. I guess we cant always win them all.

#2 Mar 04 2011 at 11:42 AM Rating: Good
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I remember my first time coming back through Buburimu from the Dunes and managing to avoid aggro the whole way, like a boss. I felt like a champion. I was a level 10 BLM without a clue as to all the LS drama that was waiting at the end of the line. /sigh.

I don't like the aggro icons, especially when there are a bunch of quest mobs grouped together, but other people I play with seem to like them. I bet we'll get a toggle in the future for them. The mob resizing seems to have been pretty positively received. It's kind of weird to me that marmots are almost as big as I am now, but I'll get used to it.

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