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Revisiting Classic FF Classes: Weapons, SkillsFollow

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I'm certain this topic has been brought up before, but I wanted to rekindle thought process on it:

I saw Yoshi P's post about development of armor and it brought me to think again about how amazing it would be to see the job classes revamped into classic FF styles.

Though, my main fear is that this attempt will be made and not really followed through with an actual turn in direction down the path of said classes.

Take a possible Marauder -> Dark Knight shift, would the SE team have it already slated that Dark Knights aren't solely limited to picking up great axes (not knocking an axe, cool weapon!), or could we see Scythe like weapons and greatswords? It would probably be pretty easy for SE to keep the "armoury" system and add new weapons without needing to change classes.

Now, weapons may seem superficial to the quest of said classes at first, but when really looking at previous FF titles, heroes and heroines have always kind of gravitated towards a legendary type of weapon that would make most commoners kind of blink when they encountered them

Some examples:

Dark Knight: Axe, Scythe.

Gaff Gafgarion, enough said! Take notes from Gafgarion, Dark Knight Cecil and FFXI DRK's and you'll have a perfect class there.

Paladin: Sword, Great Sword, Shield (In my opinion, Paladins should get Great Swords and be able to do Damage with them, or Gladiators if they remain Gladiators; though Knight would be quite awesome too! Or Knight, Holy Knight/Temple Knight (which would go with the present main SL theme better than Paladin might)

Skills light Lightning Stab from FFT, Holy Explosion etc would compliment this class really well and make it an attractive option for all types of melee lovers. Good archetypes: Delita Hyral, Agrias Oaks, Paladin Cecil, Orlandu.

Black Mage: Staff, Wand, Orb

Spells: Hopefully the black mage would attain an array of interesting nukes (an overhaul of present ones, rearranged to the black mage class which would require some trading between THM and CON). There have never really been any "Black Mage" archetypes, as most FF chars use a bit of magic here and there.

White Mage: Scepter, Staff, Mace

Dragoon/Lancer (Lancer is a classic FF class technically): Lance, Spear, Javelin etc (pretty much how it is atm)

JUMP, JUMP, JUMP, JUMP, JUMP AND MORE JUMP (keep Jumping), Penta Thrust too. I don't really think they should summon dragons as pets, but some dragon-esque abilities might be cool.

Monk: Pretty much fists as they currently have, but I always wanted to see a monk get dirty with a battle rod or battle staff.

Simian Thrash= Asuran Fists (renamed), pretty much done there, maybe with some more emphasis on spiritual abilities.


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