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I don't really know how to feel about this changing :/ some of the mobs looks really cool now, like mongrels, bombs and coblyns, they definitly look more aggressive and spriggans are beautyful now.
But ladybugs and djiggas are a bit too much, they are almost bigger than a lalafell now... It gives a wierd effect to the overall graphic, it seems like our character is way too small and doesn't fit the environment...
Also in same cases you can tell those mobs weren't designed to be at this size, elementals for exemple looked awsome before, they were supposed to be little creatures so they were tiny but they had robust limbs, otherewise you wouldn't be able to see every detail at that size, but now their limbs are awful, they look stubby...

I know this is a really small issue and maybe I just have to get the eye on the new mobs, but in some cases I find it really annoying :/

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FFXI Ladybug

Ever seen FFXI beetles?

Even they were larger

If anything bugs are still too small lol. Spriggans are well designed for what they are but now we see actually more detail to them than before. Elementals I'm still not used to their "sprite" forms over the III/IX/XI variety.

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We've got a current discussion going on this. Please use that thread.

If this is feedback for SE please use that forum.
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