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Would you blame SE if they scrapped FFXIV?Follow

#102 Mar 08 2011 at 10:09 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks Deathly,I did mean ancient Greek.

Also, if anyone thinks 2 million a month was actually spent on the GM staff+ server upkeep alone, which is what I meant, then I have some oceanfront property in Vegas to sell them.

At 100k subscribers, 2m per month upkeep, and 10 dollars per sub, a game would be bleeding money faster than a hemophiliac with a katana in his jugular. Most MMOs don't even get past the 10k concurrent players plateau, much less the 100k mark.

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#103 Mar 08 2011 at 10:14 PM Rating: Decent
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Who else would you blame?

Al Gore? Charlie Sheen?

If FFXIV shuts down it is on the head of SE. They let their game fail, they failed to produce a satisfying product, and furthermore they fail as developers for an MMO. I pray that they stick to Singe Player RPGs till the end of time, because clearly they don't even know what MMO player wants.
WoW: we want to give players a more fun time with less grinding and generic quests
GW2: we want the player to feel like they are leveling while doing something fun
Final Fantasy XIV: we want less fun and more grinding
#104 Mar 09 2011 at 12:36 AM Rating: Good
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SevenLittleChipmunks wrote:

I don't think next gen means complete and I never once mentioned graphics. Next gen means (to me) new concepts, new gameplay, new technology. Rift does none of those. It copied everything from "last gen" and did it again, not even with a huge twist, Which makes it last gen. FFXIV on the other hand created an "action" based battle system, player defined classes, central quest locations (guildleves) and built a game engine from the ground up. None of those things are popular with current games, because they were implemented half realized or just poorly. But it's more new concepts for gaming than anything Rift does.

no, no, no.

-action based battle system? its the same kind of crappy system as any standard MMO, just implemented even worse, and with no auto attack. but who cares about auto attack anyway. in most mmos you are just mashing ability keys, just like you do in FFXIV. its the exact same system as rift actually, just implemented horribly and without autoattack. FFXIV stamina = rift energy.

If you're looking for a somewhat innovative(for an MMO) and action-oriented battle system, check out DCUO. Too bad theres not much else that is great about that game.

-player defined classes? sure, on paper, but in practice it doesn't work that well. Not to mention you're forced to level every class almost to cap to get a lot of the good abilities. Truth is, the Rift soul system does a much better job of making character customization fun.

-central quest locations? tell me how that is any different from the quest hubs in rift or wow. oh except theres like a billion more hubs in those games. and they are implemented better. Leves are just completely stripped-down quests, which appealed to my sense of spareness at first. Like that very first hipster who decided it was cool to be a two-man guitar and drums act in a world of 2 guitar, bass, drums, vocals, violin, triangle etc bands. got old quick.

-built a game engine from the ground up. yes they did. still waiting for the actual game.

so we have a bunch of "new" concepts that aren't actually new, and are implemented poorly. The only thing XIV does really well is some awesome story cutscenes and of course the nifty graphics which get old quick (copy-pasta blahblahblah)

Rift has an entire dev toolset that allows the creators to add/alter new events on the fly. They introduced Rift Raids, which are basically open world raids that any random passerby can join in on. They introduced this concept with the caveat that IT MIGHT NOT WORK, and they are prepared with multiple contingencies because of their extensive toolset. They are taking chances, but not the half-assed way SE took chances with XIV.

The dynamic invasions and rifts are not 100% new, but they are implemented in such a way that makes them fresh, and if you've done any research on Trion, you'll realize that we've only just seen the beginning of what they can do. Moreover, i've never seen an MMO launch as smoothly and fix bugs as quickly.

Rift has streamlined the MMO experience, taking a lot of annoying obstacles to fun out of the equation. Everyone is looking for the next REVOLUTION in MMOs, and that's a mistake at this point. Rift is an EVOLUTION, borrowing from all kinds of games (imo too much from WoW, but that doesn't make it a "WoW clone" ). Its more of a "small step" than a "great leap". Its also never going to be a "serious game" for me, for many reasons, but its fun as ****.

check this link for an interesting (albeit annoyingly hosted) look at Trion's studio and process.

To me, all of that is a lot more "next-gen" (whatever the @#%^ that means) than a game that promises to be an innovative, special snowflake wow-killer, and ends up being unplayable.

As for XIV, all i can say is im looking forward to trying it out in 6 months or so. I did log on for the new sidequests, and....*sigh* less than floored. I hope XIV becomes the intense, fulfilling 5 course meal of an MMO that i wanted it to be from the start. until then i will be eating the sweet candy that is rift.

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#105 Mar 10 2011 at 4:06 PM Rating: Default
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If they do scrap the game, I hope they still release "Final Fantasy XIV" to the PS3 and/or 360. Either change the name of FF Versus XIII to FFXIV or better yet, use the assets of FFXIV to make a single player version out of the game.
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