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Thread Title: FFXIV Dev Team Budget Question

Glad to be on the new forums! A couple questions about financial and human resource aspects of FFXIV development are in order in light of the recent chaos.

1) What was the initial pre-release production budget for FFXIV and what was the max number of devs working at any given time? (not total number over time, as that could mislead your dedicated fans)

2) How many devs are currently working on content updates and bug fixes for FFXIV?

3) What's the current monthly development budget for FFXIV?

Thanks for promising to communicate more frequently, openly, and honestly with the player-base, and I eagerly await facts related to this question.
#2 Mar 07 2011 at 4:25 PM Rating: Default
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they're not answering this.

Are you supposed to be posing questions to the developers on the new forums?

I know on the official WoW forums they look down upon attempts to get responses from Blizzard.

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I wouldn't expect any kind of official answers to these questions. They are good questions... don't get me wrong. But it does kind of fall under the category of "Need to Know Info" that regular joe's like us just don't need. Best case scenario, you would receive some kind of PR spin that appears to answer your questions, but in reality answers nothing.
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Difference is Blizzard has a longer history of open communication with its players compared to SE.
If I were SE I'd totally expect people to spam me with questions/complaints once the official forums are open, seeing as this is only their second attempt at communication (first one being Twitter).

That being said, I don't think they'd reveal that kind of information to everyone. Nice question though.
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