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You know you're a leecher if...Follow

#1 Mar 17 2011 at 5:12 AM Rating: Sub-Default
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I have a few ideas for my upcoming articles, but I just need a break for now...

So here's to some random thoughts popping out of my head lately. Please add more if you want to.

You know you're a leecher if...

* You have no friends, but everyone parties up with you.

* You have an unusually decent amount of money for someone being level 1.

* You thank people... alot.

* You ask for money for no good reason other than to ask.

* You're at every behest/raid/rift/<insert massive group event> on a very consistent basis.

* You're a level 5 necromancer (in Guild Wars) who parties up with max-leveled players and wait for him/her to kill an enemy so that you can use "animate bone horror" to make yourself look like someone who actually contributes for the party...

* You're the only one in the party who doesn't have anything to levelink.

* Alot of people think you're a jackass.

* You ask directions from people... and ask them further if they are willing to take you to your desired destination.

* You're always behind your party members for some weird reason.

* You're a rank 40 gladiator who never tanks.

* You enjoy hanging out with players who are waaay stronger than you.

* (If you're a dude) You let your girlfriend tank.

* (If you're a chick) You let your boyfriend tank, but instead of healing him, you let another healer in the group heal him while you heal yourself.
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*Your name is Viktoricus.

(Oh wait, sorry, thought it said "You know you're a troll if..")

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If you ever spent your wedding anniversary in a tree stand...

... youuuuuuuuuuuu might be a redneck.

Wrong thread?

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Almalieque wrote:
I know what a glory hole is, but I wasn't sure what the business part was in reference to.

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You know you're a leecher if...

Alot of people think you're a jackass.

* You have no friends

"Ethical Leeching". A brilliant MMORPG strategy.

Did the troll just... troll.. himself?

In all seriousness Vik, shut up already, your trolling attempts are so long-winded and you're trying way too hard.

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