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The Hustler's Guide in FFXIV...Follow

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The Hustler's Guide in FFXIV...

It takes work to become politically successful. Whether in real life or in an online game, you need to be savvy in order for you to have a meaningful experience (and believe me, I know exactly what it's like to have a bad reputation in a closed group of people. It is ****). Teaming up to do guildleves and behests is one thing, but what about going beyond the norm? How would you feel if I tell you right now that there is a "blueprint" in actually... (gulp)... getting yourself some free gils without having to work for it? It is possible. I have done it. Is it the one thing that I mainly do to get gils in the game? No. Far from it. Is it the one thing I do to get myself some extra cash when I want it? ABSOLUTELY.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my official forum post in the laws of hustling players on to giving you gils the right way without irritating anyone. (It is also my response to this thread.)

The laws (in no particular order.):

1. MAKE IT AS CASUAL AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Suppose you're on a date and you now took the girl home (and if you're a chick, I'm not a sexist. I just don't wanna be too general with my examples). You two are watching a movie and you realized that now is the perfect opportunity to make your move. Would you:

A.) Massage her while progressively making your touch more and more sensual, until you reach a peak where you end it with an epic make-out session?


B.) Look her in the eye and say, " Ummm.... Uhhh... Do you mind if I kiss you? No? OMG!!! OMG!! I'm so sorry! That was offensive! Oohhhh.... ohhhhhh this is so awkward."

The point is, the more you make a small deal bigger, the bigger it gets. Asking for gils is no big deal. Keep it that way, unless you want to inflame the potential awkwardness that comes from you potentially being perceived as a greedy person. It's a game. People ***** up all the time. It's no big deal, and as long as you are not scamming, irritating, or hurting anyone, by all means, feel free to do it.

2. ASK IT BOLDLY WITH NO HESITATIONS! You must be a confident person. You must not have any fears inside of you and you must believe that you are one who has the right to ask for something whether or not you recieve what you want. In doing so, you will make yourself alot more likely to recieve something. Don't hold back.

3. LEARN WHEN TO ASK. This applies not only in hustling but also in behests, guildleves, and linkshell management. Time is gold, and timing is how you manage your gold. Unfortunately, I cannot give a detailed "blueprint" on exactly when and where you should ask for gils. It is an intuition that you gain through experience and the willingness to "attune" to it. Sometimes you can hustle friends that you have initially met within the first hour and sometimes you can hustle friends that you have known for months. What matters is that you be BOLD and CASUAL.

4. NEVER PUSH YOUR LUCK. If you are percieved by your hustlee as a greedy, gil-sucking chode who has nothing better to do with his/her life than to be a greedy, gil-sucking chode, then you will never get any gils from that person. When you ask for 80, 000 gils and your hustlee is giving you 80, 000 gils, take it and thank the person. Don't ask for 20, 000 more.

5. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TO SHARE. This is a number's game. Deal with it. Some people can spare something, some people can't. As a good rule of thumb, if the guy or girl starts getting annoyed, STOP.

6. NEVER ASK ANYTHING FROM ANYONE WHOM YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO LOSE FRIENDSHIP WITH. Neither should you **** where you eat or date a coworker.

7. DON'T JUST THANK THE PERSON, GIVE HIM A VAGUE PROMISE. First of all, never promise anything that you can't fulfill. This is why I said "vague promises". An example is better than a long-winded explanation. It'll help you grasp things much easier:

Good promise: "Thank you so much! I'll be here when you need anything! Just holler."

Bad promise: "Thank you so much! I promise to you that I will always save my levequests for you and give you 20% of what I will be earning from them!"

In the first example, it could mean any number of things. It could simply be you helping him teleport to somewhere, help him with a levequest, repair his stuff, join his linkshell events, chat, etc. In the second example, you will be breaking your promise when you give him 1, 900 gils after doing a levequest that gives out 10, 000, or not being able to give him anything because you fell asleep after a hard day's work.

Just make sure you actually DO HELP OUT when he needs you. It is fair to say that a simple "thank you" is not good enough.

That ends this guide. Remember to be ethical in the way you leech and don't scam people. (Join my linkshell at Besaid. Contact Eliza Joran.)

Edited, Mar 29th 2011 4:24am by ViKtoricus
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#2ViKtoricus, Posted: Mar 29 2011 at 2:28 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Please note that this guide is not super final or anything like that. I may add more content by request or if I feel it is appropriate to do so.
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I'm sorry ViKtoricus, but after all you have posted over the past week or so I do wonder if you are actually a figment of my offline imagination.
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Oh dear... look, none of us are playing a multiplayer game for the first time. We get it.
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Getting gil through your own efforts and in some cases with the help of others is way more satisfying than begging for free handouts.

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My response....WTF?

"I've never watched a nuclear explosion myself. That's a couple of degrees of stupid above my limit"- Old Man Harris
#7 Mar 29 2011 at 10:30 AM Rating: Excellent
LillithaFenimore wrote:
My response....WTF?

Stop responding and he MIGHT go away...
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I just can't believe he takes the time to make it so nicely formatted. He's not your "average" troll.

Who knew you actually had to put effort into being a douche? I thought it just came naturally to some people.
#9 Mar 29 2011 at 11:33 AM Rating: Excellent
This just in: Water is Wet

News at 8.
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Torrence wrote:
I just can't believe he takes the time to make it so nicely formatted. He's not your "average" troll.

Who knew you actually had to put effort into being a douche? I thought it just came naturally to some people.

Trying to make it into his signature?
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I rated him down and it went from unrated to sub-default. Is it possible to be so low that a rate down brings you up, or did I just happen to rate him down at the same time as someone rated him up?
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Weird, I've never seen anything rated "Un-rated"

For that reason alone I had to hit the rate up button to see what happened. The answer: I can now say that I rated someone up to "sub-default" status.

One more thing I have to admit here... I kind of liked #7. It's like when a cheesy salesman keeps telling you all sorts of things you want to hear. You know you are being "sold" but it still easy to get that warm fuzzy from it.

Another thing I want to admit - and I konw I'm not the only one....

I looked forward to clicking on this Viktorious thread more than I have looked forward to clicking on any other thread in the zam forums the past few days. Clearly it is for entertianment value, but still much more interesting than another thread about "the one thing I wish SE would fix the most" or "what was the deal breaker for you" or "is ffxiv really that bad" etc.

#13ViKtoricus, Posted: Mar 29 2011 at 1:07 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) This one is my second post that got unrated so far and to be perfectly honest with everyone, I find it ridiculous that people would give me such a low score on my better posts... Anyway.
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I find it ridiculous that people would give me such a low score on my better posts

1) It was not a good post. Your ideas are poorly-considered and simplistic, and you give no thought to your audience here. If this is one of your better posts, then it does not speak well of your other posts.
2) At this point, everything you post is starting low. This post may actually have been rated down less than the other ones.

I suspect I'm in the minority in not thinking you're a troll. I think you mean well but are just really naïve. You're basically walking up to people and telling them things they already know better than you do, and the few people who could use help with your topics would do better by asking someone with more sophisticated insights than yours.

You present yourself as an expert and... you're clearly not. It's really no surprise that your posts go unappreciated.
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ViKtoricus wrote:
and if you're a chick, I'm not a sexist.

lol; was "wench" too old fashioned for you, then?
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Wow, I always wondered why/how you got banned from every linkshell on our server but after reading some of your threads I understand completely.

Its so easy to make money in this game and there's so little to spend it on that it amazes me anyone would even think to try and "hustle" it from another player. This thread is about as useless as a chocobo stable with no ridable chocobos lol.
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Hey Vik, do you care about any of this?

then shut up

Go join congress, they need some more air in their heads.

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