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FFXIV is a Joke, and no one bother to say it in lodestoneFollow

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As topic.

Too many whiteknight in Lodestone defending for FFXIV.

The true voice and player response can't be heard and notice anymore.

Look at the official new thread, increase battle effect size? OMG they treat us like ant.

Hey, to me, as a consumer, Yoshi-P and his Dev team ( maybe under 5 ppls? I guarentte no more then 10 ppls)

they don't give a **** about "Current Paid Player". Also SE doesn't give a **** about FFXIV.

They're no better than Tanaka team.

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This topic again.
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Actually people on lodestone say it quite a bit. You must not read many of the posts. But you tell them tell them.
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Joke's on you.

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