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Question in Regards to EXP and SPFollow

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My husband and I were chatting this evening in regards to the light parties and full party incentives. And then we got onto the topic of exp and sp for bigger parties...I can't remember *my memory sucks sinced becoming a mom*, that if you have more people per party you get more exp? and how much has exp and sp gains changed since the game has come along? Do you get more for solo/duo? Less? I'm sure this was explained somewhere already and I just can't remember, if not one wants to discuss, can someone please direct me to the link so I can re-read about it. Thanks in advance.

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You do get more SP/EXP for having more people in your parties. The details and inner workings of that though I can't say for sure.
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This is how it was before the latest update.

Party SP

Dou was 100% SP.

90% for 3 man.

After that each person was -5% until you got above 8, then it was approx. -7%.

This is assuming the party was within +5/-10.

This is the guy that does all the testing:

I will be checking to see what he says about the new party limits.
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