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#1 Apr 24 2011 at 8:33 PM Rating: Decent
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I had played FFXI back at the NA release and have sense moved on to WoW. WoW has now gotten stale and I'm considering not listening to some friends of mine and picking up FFXIV and sticking with it for the long haul as my time for "hardcore" raiding and MMO playing has become somewhat limited due to college.

My first question is, is the game casual friendly in all its aspects or is it just the leveling process that is friendly to casual players?

Second, how is the game in it's current state? I had tried it back in it's open beta stages but could not make a good decision from the limited time I had with the beta.

I'm also a little nostalgic about FFXI but do not want to go back to it and I am wondering if FFXIV gives the same feeling of FFXI at it's core?

Also, I run an I7 processor with 6 GIGs of DDR3 RAM and a NVIDIA 9800 GT. I would want to run the game in my screens native resolution of 1920 x 1080 and was wondering if I would be able to play above minimum graphics settings if I had the resolution at 1920 x 1080? (I don't know if anything changed with optimization from the open beta)
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Your computer is fine except for the graphics card. That won't touch 19x10.

The game, currently, is being rebuilt. It seems to try to be casual friendly with timers and the groups required to get things done. However we have only seen a small part of level 50 content which won't even be the level cap. The only real reason to play the game now is to grind levels and get yourself ahead with crafting and money (which doesn't really mean anything at the moment), and perhaps get a solid group of people together for when the game gets 're-released' to the PS3 crowd.

The game is quite enjoyable right now, but once a month expect fairly drastic changes to everything you just did. Your over powered conjurer may get nerfed to the point its not worth a party slot, then buffed too much and so on.. You'll also run out of anything to do but grind jobs you may not be interested in fairly quickly if you put many hours a day into the game.

Its worth a try to get the feel for it, but its not going to be the same game 6 months from now.
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Ugh, perhaps in college they'll teach ya the difference between "since" & "sense". Perhaps not...

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