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XI/XIV file sharing & Lodestone Dev QuoteFollow

#1 May 08 2011 at 11:21 PM Rating: Decent
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So my first question is does XIV use .dat files like XI did? If it does are they interchangeable? Somewhat silly question, I know, they likely have a completely different engine and coding or what not. (I obviously have little clue when it comes to this =p)

Secondly, there was a quote on lodestone that had something to do with map redesign from a dev. It was later posted that the quote was going to be translated properly into english, unfortunately this was the same day as the earthquake and it looks like it might have been passed over. Google does a bad job at translating it and there has been some confusion on lodestone as to what it actually meant. Most of the other people talking on the thread mention something along the lines of landmarks and other various points the community is discussing on the english forums. Does anyone know if it was indeed translated somewhere, or is capable of translating it? Here is the link to his post,

Sorry, I know it shows up kind of funky. Likely due to the Japanese text.

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1. Both games run on .dat format but its a bit different for XIV. Texturing is a lot more annoying for one.


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His responses are the same to everything. In that post,he says that he appreciates all the feedback he's gotten about how sh*tty the maps are, and he realizes that everyone is upset with how they respond, and the lack of zooming etc. He says they are working on short term fixes, one being improved response speed, for now - these are "in preparation" for future overhauls.

tldr: don't expect to see anything significant done to fix them within the next 6 or so months.

Edit: he seems to really love that "in preparation" line

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