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Conviction community history
Indecent created the community roughly four years ago starting with LoTRO. They have proceeded to enjoy successful ventures in other games such as EQ2, Warhammer, WoW, and League of Legends.

Currently the community is focusing on three major efforts: FFXIV, Rift, and LoL. There are also side projects for FFXI, EQ2, and Minecraft.

Conviction strives for high-quality play and pushes for world/server firsts in all games when applicable. It is an adult guild so it may not be the place for the easily offended. This leads to a group of dedicated players with a great sense of humor to pass the time.

Conviction FFXIV history
Indy did a great job building the group back in beta. When HNMs were released we were the first to kill Uraeus on Trabia. Conviction was also the first NA linkshell to kill all HNMs on this server. We enjoyed farming HNMs with zero competition for weeks. At our peak, we fielded two parties of 15 players each to concurrently farm HNMs.

Conviction FFXIV today
It's been about a month since I took over the linkshell, as Indy went on to assist with other ventures. We have been able to continue pushing ranks, crafts, and gear in Conviction style.

Our dedication is exemplified by the works of Soren Burkhart, Hawt Stuff, and Lim Limit. Soren recently maxed all battlecrafts, Hawt Stuff dinged R50 in five crafts the other night (maxing all crafts but CUL), and Lim is on track to max all classes in the next few months.

We are still pushing HNMs and farming mats. Just last night we created our fifth Silver Tricorne +2 for the linkshell. Granted the +2 does almost nothing stat-wise but hopefully this shows how hard we are pushing what little content is currently available.

Application Link

In keeping with Indy's philosophy, we do not believe in 'recruitment en masse' to build a stable community. We would rather have the right people in the linkshell. New applications will be reviewed and discussed - if the preliminary discussions go well we can extend a 30-day recruitment period.

Our major need is on the gathering side. We have players to cover those roles but they would need to split time between different projects. Even someone dedicating a few hours per week gathering would be a tremendous help.

Otherwise, we are not necessarily seeking specific classes. Instead we would rather have active players that are able to put in solid hours during the week.

There is no rank requirement either but the expectation is that you would be able to focus on progression first and foremost. The ability to follow directions and adapt shows clearly during guildleves so rank 50 is not a requirement.

This is a perfect opportunity for a player to join, show his/her worth, and gain a foothold in a major linkshell before new content is released.

It will be required to at least listen on vent during certain content. It's not necessary to speak up but it helps getting to know people, build friendships, and pass the time during things like leves.

Event Times
The majority of the linkshell's members are in North America. As such, most events are scheduled for either 7PM or 9:30PM EST.

Loot Policy
Gear is distributed by council decision, rewarding participation and contribution. We do not use a DKP system but at the same time we don't easily forget things.

There is no expectation for players to give up materials to help someone pushing a craft, or create items for guildies for free. However, these actions are appreciated and do not go unnoticed. We have many players casually ranking a craft and it helps push the linkshell when you contribute mats you don't need.

Zettai Ryouiki
Conviction FFXIV Leader
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