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Back in November, a user called enthrop created a spreadsheet of all the armour that had stats for Crafting and Gathering classes (original post Here). In December there was a big patch with a lot of new equipment but his googledoc was not updated with it.

Since I made a similar kind of spreadsheet for Marauder class that I keep updated, I figured I would go through and update/revamp his spreadsheet.

Notes & Explanation: A brief description on the contents. I've also added some infor on what each stat does and added links to relevant websites.
Tools/Pack (blue heading): All the tools and the bait/lures used by fishing
Equipment (green heading): All the equipment that contains at least one of the stats (Craftsmanship, Magical, Craftsmanship, Control, Gathering, Output, Perception). Some equipment listed (like torn coif) have no stats but are upgraded to items that do, so I put them in. All items with the name shaded in grey are new from enthrop's original
Equipment - DoH (orange heading): All the equipment that contains crafting stats. Only crafting columns are listed for what classes are favoured
Equipment - DoL (purple heading): All the equipment that contains gathering stats. Only gathering columns are listed for what classes are favoured

Most weathered equipment is excluded. All tabs have links to either YG or ZAM, whichever database you prefer.

Please let me know if you find any information that is incorrect or links that go to the wrong place. I am human and can make mistakes. Also information on additional sources for equipment (like chests & leves) is not fully complete)

As for the sources, the ranks at which an item can be crafted are sourced from both ZAM and YG. There may be some disparity between the information between the 2 sites. Plus some rank requirements for recipies have changed over the subsequent patches. If you see a glaring error of a crafting rank, please let me know.

Original Date & Format: Enthrop

Revision, Update & Reformatting by: Magnesium02

Edited, May 19th 2011 12:10am by Magnesium02

Marauder Gear Listing
Crafting & Gathering Gear Listing
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