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I haven't seen this listed anywhere so I apologize if I missed it. I've been doing Guild Tasks off and on since they were introduced and early on began to realize they were repeating so I took it upon myself to write them down and check them out over a couple cycles. As it turns out there's only five Guild Tasks and they cycle in the same set starting with what I consider "Day One" (which is really just when I started to jot them down). Guild Tasks reset at 8PM EST every single day, unless my clocks are wrong in my house and on my computer - which is a possibility. It should go without saying that this is only for the Rank 10 tasks, not Rank 1. All this info is up on my lodestone page but I hoped to make it more accessible since if people can easily plan ahead and keep these items instead of NPCing them, that's an easy 5.5k free SP per day and if lucky over a thousand combined shards.

Day One
Goldsmith: 4 Bat fang fish hooks
Weaver: 3 Bolts cotton cloth
Alchemist: 4 Speaking salts
Miner: 10 Pyrite

Blacksmith: Bronze gladius blade
Armorer: 12 Brass wire
Culinarian: 6 Pots maple sugar
Fisherman: 10 Yugr'am salmon

Carpenter: Chestnut head knife grip
Tanner: 4 dodo leather
Botanist: 10 ash branches

Day Two
Goldsmith: Brimstone
Weaver: 12 Cotton stuffing
Alchemist: 12 Black dodo dye
Miner: 10 Tin ore

Blacksmith: Bronze spearhead
Armorer: 3 Brass rings
Culinarian: 3 Dried prunes
Fisherman: 10 Black eels

Carpenter: 3 Walnut planks
Tanner: 4 Black dodo leather
Botanist: 10 Willow branches

Day Three
Goldsmith: 4 Bone fish hooks
Weaver: 12 Cotton yarn
Alchemist: 12 Beehive chips
Miner: 5 Iron sand

Blacksmith: 4 Bronze fish hooks
Armorer: 12 Bronze scales
Culinarian: River sand
Fisherman: 10 Helmet crabs

Carpenter: 3 Elm planks
Tanner: Circle dormouse fur
Botanist: 10 Elm logs

Day Four
Goldsmith: 3 Ragstone whetstones
Weaver: 12 Crow fletchings
Alchemist: 12 Sunset wheat flour
Miner: 10 Zinc ore

Blacksmith: Bronze sledgehammer head
Armorer: 3 Bronze rings
Culinarian: Sea sand
Fisherman: 10 Sea cucumbers

Carpenter: 3 Cedar planks
Tanner: 12 Antelope sinew cords
Botanist: 5 Cedar logs

Day Five
Goldsmith: Copper ring
Weaver: 12 Dodo fletchings
Alchemist: 4 Illuminating salts
Miner: 10 Limonite

Blacksmith: Bronze war axe head
Armorer: Brass plate
Culinarian: 6 Salted butter
Fisherman: 10 Dart frogs

Carpenter: Pine dagger grip
Tanner: Circle of squirrel fur
Botanist: 10 Ash logs

For any who are wondering as of now it should currently be on Day One until 8PM EST tonight when it will shift to Day Two. A quick forecast would look like the following (keep in mind the day rolls over to the next at 8PM EST every day). I apologize if there are any errors, if there are please notify me and I will do my best to correct them. I hope this proves mildly useful for some people, I personally loved not having to go around checking the Guild Task boards.

(BEFORE 8PM EST that day)
Thursday May 19th: Day One
Friday May 20th: Day Two
Saturday May 21st: Day Three
Sunday May 22nd: Day Four
Monday May 23rd: Day Five
Tuesday May 24th: Day One
Wednesday May 25th: Day Two
Thursday May 26th: Day Three
Friday May 27th: Day Four
Saturday May 28th: Day Five
Sunday May 29th: Day One
Monday May 30th: Day Two
Tuesday May 31st: Day Three

Wednesday June 1st: Day Four
Thursday June 2nd: Day Five
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Nice, I was almost done making my own list but you saved me the trouble!
10 Dart Frogs is a real killer...
TERA looks tasty...
#3 May 19 2011 at 2:14 AM Rating: Good
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Riniaru wrote:
Nice, I was almost done making my own list but you saved me the trouble!
10 Dart Frogs is a real killer...

I considered doing this also, but laziness prevailed.

Great job on this list!

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