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Letters from the Producer X!Follow

#102 May 25 2011 at 5:29 AM Rating: Default
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Shezard wrote:
LateReg wrote:
Shezard wrote:
LateReg wrote:
elevencharle wrote:
wow they are still trying to save this game? seems to me its more of an experiment to see how long people will follow there lines of bull before figuring out none of it is true or actually going to happen. last time i checked they said they were going to do 2 updates a month and from whet i have read "which is not much" that has not even happened once. im glad i quit when i did but maybe by 2013 or so this game might be worth logging into since it will still be free to play, might have a cash shop by then but would probably take 20 mins to load so no one would even use it. the only potential i see everyone talking about with this game is it taking way to long to be worth playing

i see nothing has changed no one can think of a reason why i am wrong so everyone just rates me down.. keep wishing for your game to be great while i play games that are fun. ill be back in a few months to check up and laugh once again

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Edited, May 22nd 2011 5:49pm by elevencharle

I do and I don't understand how this got sub-d'd... I mean, nothing he really said was inaccurate :(

It is a little weird to rage so hard if you're not currently playing though. But the man did spend money to get the game, so he has some right at least.


Also, as far as the implementation timeline goes, like I said in an earlier post... 「まで」 does mean "up until" or "right before" in Japanese. And, assuming Yoshi was the one to write the original Japanese letter (I'm fairly certain he was), I don't see how he could mess that up. He did bold it do death, so maybe he really was trying to make a point out of it. I'm really surprised that no mod on the official forums has gotten it cleared up :(

Edited, May 23rd 2011 1:35am by LateReg

Nothing he said was inaccurate? How about the fact that we did get 2 patches in a month? How about the fact that a LOT actually changed in FFXIV since launch?

How about the fact that it is ridiculous to assume all of the planned stuff is gonna be in the june patch, since you actually admit yourself that there hasn't been happening much in the last 7 months(which is not true but meh...)? But after 7 months of nothing happening(your opinion...) you expect all of this to come in 4 weeks? By now I'm just convinced you're incapable of reasonable thinking when it comes to timelines and patch content. I mean, what the **** do you expect? This game has no chance until the game itself is fixed. It's obvious they can't throw out content like it happens in FFXI, cause they actually have to fix the whole game from scratch, which doesn't leave much room for content. Plus...what content would be any good, if the core mechanic that's used in it is gonna be changed/overhauled etc anyway? That's just double the work and will end up in delaying other stuff to come even more, so just think for a second, instead of being blinded of your own disappointment. They are doing a good job so far with getting the game where it should have been at release, so either just be patient, or @#%^ing leave and come back later.

No idea what I said to make you so angry.

But, I'm patiently waiting for the mid-June patch, and I honestly wouldn't be too surprised if all the stuff on that list was in the game by that time.

We shall see!

This is what makes me angry reading your crap... over and over again. You're giving yourself tmielines SE never approved to fulfill and then be all disappointed when your expectations weren't fulfilled. At the same time you say you're patiently waiting, when in fact you are complaining over and over again about the same sh*t EVERYBODY knows is sh*t, but SE is working on it. I think by now SE pretty much made clear they know they released sh*t and they are working on all the stuff that people think is crap and they are getting there step by step, but you are just completely ignorant to see that they are on the way there and still complain about the same sh*t over and over.

You just sound like a record that is stuck and it really doesn't matter what SE says or does, it will go on and on and on.

PS: I said that the german version said "bis Sommer 2011" which in fact does include summer itself. But I guess the english version is the only one that counts <.<

u mad
#103 May 25 2011 at 7:41 AM Rating: Good
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Abolish physical levels and experience points and shift character development to class rank

Hmm. It's a good table. It looks like they have a really long way to go, but squares like the above give me hope that they now have a true handle on the issues that drove people away. Still, I think that "Summer 2011" is a bit ambitious for all the things he's got on his plate (in that table). 4 months to almost completely rewrite the entire game? I don't think the company will give him enough manpower, what with that silly announcement of another mmo in the works.

Still, maybe they can pull it off. We'll see.
#104 May 26 2011 at 8:52 AM Rating: Decent
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Ouu i didnt see the new job quests:) and abolishing physical levels too? I should probably re read this a couple more times! very exciting things.

FFXI-Asura, Character- Boatsingtao
#105 May 31 2011 at 1:56 PM Rating: Good
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Good read.

Looking forward to a return to FFXIV in about a year or so when all these new ideas should be going swimmingly and make for a great game.

Until then, FFXi is just.. better.
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