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#1 May 20 2011 at 5:23 AM Rating: Decent
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i was just wondering. is it even possible to "cap" more then 1 stat at rank 50

i ask because at phys 41 r 32 i cant cap 2 stats. going by the vit caps they give in the stat caps per rank thread its impossible for me to have like for instance 112 vit and 112 str to cap for 32. especialy trying to keep mnd at 40

so what should i do as a pug. keep str maxed per rank do 40 mdn dex and then whatevers left in vit? same goes for any melle job. i heard dex was useless but i keep it at 40 also cause im a 31 weaver and it supposedly helps main hand and it take far too long to reallocate points
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Just put stats where they're most useful to you for the time being. They're abolishing physical levels and reworking stat distribution.
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