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Request: Translation of thread concerning combat (I think?)Follow

#1 May 27 2011 at 6:50 AM Rating: Decent
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Bit of a tall order, but I was wondering if anyone with Japanese-reading skillz might be able to have a scan over the Gm response in this thread and see if there was any good stuff?:戦闘でのストレスの根本的な原因は何??p=154371#post154371

Seems to be a lot of JP questions being answered about the battle system.

Thanks in advance.
#2 May 27 2011 at 7:08 AM Rating: Decent
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Just sort of scanning it with a derpy google translate, it looks like they're ditching the action gauge. Not sure whether they'd already confirmed that.
#3 May 27 2011 at 7:20 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm not going to be happy if they just ditch the action gauge and put everything on recasts like WoW and every other WoW clone out there. Am I the only one who actually LIKES the idea of the Action Gauge? Coupled with an auto-attack, I think it would be awesome. Btw, here's the google translate of the post... unfortunately I didn't separate the different comments from people so it all runs together... and it's Google Translate, so yeah.

uh, thanks tremendous amount of feedback. I regret that it had somewhat underestimated a little. Matsui, 髙井, especially Minagawa has been responsible for collecting comments from the development team. This method is often I can not, I want to do in the future when the opportunity comes.

I feel so at about noon Thursday aggregated together into an answer in less may not pick up some. I found all the reviews are intended to those questions or comments they feel will not then, I'm sorry if there is missing (excuse). There are many simple answers, so a large amount, and not lazy!

Also, I'm afraid because I purchased the camera from me, so we've turned everything [sure], and a very helpful section for you to go to another thread issues in the future.

Related overall server load
I saw again that the underlying system is a programmer as previously reported, this is a long-span development. Combat calculations, we are aware of the repair and function calls to reduce unnecessary data retrieval.

The action command disables all running at the end I accepted the action at the start?
Were going to be better now to experiment and try to do so.

I want to let out the magic and immediate action.
If the magic is performed and the action will have to wait, while auto attack is considered a speedy implementation.

There is a gauge action deadline, timing useless to use a variety of action with special effects.
Gauge action is deprecated. As usual, TM and MP, are subject to recast effect. The minimum distance required between the action on the system.

If you select the wrong action or if you want to use another action in the war situation changes, the selected action can not be canceled once.
The comments related to the slightly earlier, and a command-style reception → Run Now, there is no such problem (there will be no opportunity to cancel that first place.)

Manually entering the busy action, action to turn in someone else's mind
In the circumstances I think the implementation of improved auto attack.

According to the letter and producer, the action bar "Change" and there's not obsolete?
Action Bar (where you side by side action) will not go away. Go away is "action gauge" is. On the action bar, easy to use, viewing the information you need, we will repair it in line.

Too slow buildup of the gauge action.
As mentioned earlier, the gauge action is deprecated.

Since the screen is difficult and flashy effects, such as parties, especially in combat, so as not to attack is usually the effect I want with a sharp characteristic, such as those directing the action
We will adjust in the future.

Since there is no effect and raise, would duplicate the magic fire to other characters and resuscitation

Enemy / or cast a spell on that side and so confusing, I want to enhance the effect of casting
Is to correct the problem. We will review the future.

Mawaranaku to not run at all times during the battle, but looking at the mini-map as in combat.
This is what the enemy is moving? Why run away from yourself? If you are considering moving to support the enemy.

Getting closer to the enemy they are fighting without permission. Steadfast in professional art and erase the ax, and may be targeted in the attack from the monster is out of range
Attacks will be removed is usually introduced at auto attack. When used for an action, we will consider in the future.

Motion is fine and the attack is unclear what enemy to whatever side
Players are currently under consideration for, and we hope to support in the near future.

Repetition of the motion so many battles, I want to increase the new motion
When used for some actions, some new motion / effects will be supported.

Feel uncomfortable that they had to sleep even when the characters move

I want to watch the motion of Tsukatsu when special attacks from monsters
There are specific stages of study, received an opinion with.

Palette does not appear that the inconvenience is not the target action
We consider the repair to be displayed at all times.

Instead of opening the many layers palette, let me see all the action more
We consider permanent display along with the action on one pallet.

Counter action is based, want to enter to accept only those actions that can be used
There must be resolved at the technical part, you can make your time, but you can not be used, including when the command does not accept the range of such action would require mechanisms such as half-tone menus I think.

Or something like that was against Moruboru opening movie magic barrier, or like when it is implemented?
The time commitment is not possible. We will proceed to repair it as soon as 指Seru eyes.

When using a range of other actions, either to understand the scope, I want to move automatically to the extent possible attack

Macro palette is open, is inconvenient to have to continue to hold on gamepad triggers
Consider the macro palette according to the time improvement.

Is too small a group is a monster that can occupy up to their own
System upgrade is planned for occupancy.

Any ranged weapon in Monster (attack) to have a strange. There is no opportunity to use a normal attack, binding effect of professional archery Sono Tame

Bob and weave for the monsters, take positions in both unstable
Consult with staff. On the move itself, with respect to a particular monster, a monster may leave.

NM attacked in that multiplayer game, I felt a bit out of enemies in a row is amazing voice
I will definitely feel.

Stop, stop, move with a inertia where
We may consider whether any future plans at the moment there is no concrete response.

Increase damage from attacks, motion, timing is not suitable display pop Damage
I agree, but feel uncomfortable point, not allowed to comment specifically on the situation at the moment.

They can be targeted to other monsters in the possession of the party
Consider the responses according to the repair of battle.

That fall outside the target used in the attack Cure
The improvement according to the review of the action data.

Upon receiving the Cure, the target character was casting a Cure
The improvement according to the review of the action data.

Would go against the sub-target is non-executable action
The improvement according to the review of the action data.

"/ Assist" "/ <Mark>" "/ ta" I want to implement the command, such as text, using the pronoun
Consider the responses according to the repair of battle.

Difficult to target overlapping monster away
When monsters are overlapping, in the name I do not know the name either yellow or red. In addition, both "to attack me!" I do not know whether the marked
Related to the above two points, we consider the mechanism that changes the position of the cursor on the target nameplate.

Would have been targeted by the enemy and also raise
The above "would also go against the sub-target is non-executable" as well as the renovation.

Bloom wants to express the general effect of the target
To do this, for the most recent system upgrade is needed for the drawing is difficult to consider.

The main target, but blink and move the target Patimenbarisuto, I want to implement the sub-targets
We will repair.

Target party member selected sub-network 掛Kenari and name of the appropriate arrow Patimenbarisuto want to see some
We will repair.

PC / NPC standing ○ press it in front of what direction the target is impossible, such as the side and rear
1.17 Patch, please try to adjust the target of the operation, so the decision.

Target selection and direction of the gamepad, I want to make your own button layout is determined by fine
Not only the game pad, keyboard configuration of the expansion of entries will be made at any time.

Turn-based (gauge action, recast, will determine the success or failure after the attack hits), Action control (the ability to move around freely attack) are mixed
Strange point to gauge the action is deprecated but as mentioned above, other points are believed to be established to co-exist even as a game.

There is no announcement about the combat system adjustment
Sorry, could not understand the point you pointed out.
For the renovation of the battle system, and Yoshida has told the P policies and Matsui. Patch concrete matters, we are told to match the timing of the patch.

A little distance, the movement of mobile and want to take positions there are. Because the graphics are pretty great pains to combat Please do not just numbers game
After the renovation of the basics, take direction and attacks, including the destruction site, we'll look at a game again.

Action + + TP gauge that every triple trouble of re-use
Abolished the action gauge. TP interval and re-use will remain.

TP can not invoke such an action 貯Menai system that gauges consumer action to act
As mentioned earlier, the gauge action is abolished.

Long recast waste (reuse distance)
So we will review the overall action is not yet appropriate to the Hashi Tsuyoshi will adjust, but some are set means there is a long recast. I would like to continue discussions and forums and feedback.

Can not feel the effects of ability and food aid
Adjust. Will again see the effects of food will continue to be identified before effective help text.

Shadow stitching / sewing Shadow II is more technical experience as a high priority, focused, and less likely to interfere with specialized help recast in common
Since sewing shadow II is prepared shadow sewing as an upgrade of the common design are re-used time.

Many miss the action. The attack hit at all
Even equipped with the proper rank and low hit rate too (or other high rate of avoidance)
For the above two points, hit rate, hit rate for the action is considered an important point in the battle renovation formula.

怯Mi and opponents during spell casting "打Chi消sh*ta" "The Resistance" and, MP and casting time despite the short, disabled / would have been easily reduced to half done
So we will adjust the balance, We hope you will continue to continue the discussion in the forum.

Cure and restore magic chants during a battle, and the singers would have been canceled before the end of the battle fires
Consult with staff.

Cure feel too long cast time of 10 seconds
Cure was set to 10 seconds cast time does not exist. If you feel so, and may cause packet loss. Subsequently, we will proceed to tune the deeper parts of the process.

The illusionist is doing wants to do to help recovery, facing the wrong way for recovery of professional magic. HP recovery amount, or range, exceeding the magic professional
We also review the general class action battle system, and will also feature will adjust the class. I look forward to your continued feedback.

When the illusionist to his magic and enhanced recovery systems have yet to master himself, and used plain recessed class fighter
We will adjust the class will also feature in this regard. We look forward to your continued feedback and discussions.

Attack while moving (casting) may be cool if
Magic is activated when the movement stops
Two points above the melee attack will continue to be modified to include the action while moving. Go on and spell casting, so I will introduce various booklets and will be announced separately.

When stepping attack any fire shield
A depression is when you attack it certainly may feel frustrated. We will also review the future use of the shield.

Normal attack damage is only a 1.5-fold action. Ancient magic damage even though there are 30 seconds weaker spell cast time series II
Adjust. As mentioned earlier, we review the entire class action battle system.

It is hard to judge the situation to change the perspective to have a camera with unrefined
We consider such extensions can be arbitrarily set rotation speed camera operation.

I want to stop moving the position of the characters rapidly during the attack itself. Embedding in a moving, sometimes spinning the camera and the enemy
The enemy or opponent in order to jump over the characters jump into the attacking player moves, bad feelings to the camera back and forth
It is currently being considered for player movement. We will support in the near future.

When you lock a target and try to contain the correct point of view around the object lock, this ON / OFF want
Consult with staff.

Point in the game, I want to control everything myself
Consult with staff.

To introduce the auto attack, the battles do not want a full commitment Heist
Be careful.

Sorcerer of hate at auto attack (enemy), and I want to change to the consideration of the problem tussle
We will be careful to adjust.

TP want to auto attack given by consideration of side effects such as (by 殴Ranai vanguard - or bad)
TP given issue they think is a delicate issue. I pay close attention.
(Sorry everyone handling class match)

To create a feeling of tension, I want to strengthen the abnormal conditions to the player
Adjust the overall balance of the battle, we may also review the effect of such a status on it. However, the abnormal state is strong, I think it should be limited and specific battles first.

Collisions during the Battle of the character should
Collision problem is not the monster AI is considered to be improved coordination and Heitokontororu.

Field of peace too. I want to be placed on the roadside and active monsters
We will gradually adjust the placement.

HP monster that Bihesuto Girudorivu and less so, but in a single battle - not only about participating in the attack twice, moving just boring
After the repair of a calculation of the battle, the monster of Girudorivu, HP will consider and review the settings and groups.

Moving passive / active mode can be switched
Passive / Active mode switching is slow
The above two points during the experiment.

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#4 May 27 2011 at 7:24 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm fairly 'meh' when it comes to the action gauge. Don't think it really adds anything to the experience at this point.

I'm glad it seems they're possibly (i think?) allowing you to move whilst attacking/entering combat/starting to cast a spell etc. That'd make the experience feel much less clunky.
#5 May 27 2011 at 8:06 AM Rating: Good
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Ive scanned through that, I dont think they'll remove the action gauge but I do think we're better waiting for them to tell us something officially, I dont think its a huge issue. I like an action gauge but /shrug

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#6 May 27 2011 at 8:38 AM Rating: Decent
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with auto-attack the guage isnt need at probably scraped
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#7 May 27 2011 at 8:49 AM Rating: Good
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Overffxi wrote:
with auto-attack the guage isnt need at probably scraped

Um, what game are you playing?
The action gauge could be used to limit how many non-auto attacks are used in a given time...think of it like a cooldown timer that all abilities share. I like that idea. If they get rid of the gauge it won't be the end of the world, but I think it keeps in line with their "strategic game play" model.
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#8 May 27 2011 at 8:51 AM Rating: Decent
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Sounds like there is concern about the lack of the ability to cancel a queued action, but other then that, they are going back to the 11 style of each ability will have it's start/End/recast timing, which will make the action gauge obsolete, and the command queuing obsolete.

I find it interesting that one of the first concerns is that it is going to wow... but meh. I will wait to see it before I assume how it will be (the above paragraph is only an interpretation of what was said, not a reflection of my expectations, as I am waiting to see how it plays out, which will mean more than anything they have said, as their updates so far have for the most part exceeded their statements, and have all been improvements in my eyes).
#9 May 27 2011 at 8:52 AM Rating: Good
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It's late here or I would try to translate it, sorry. But I will say I read through it, and the stamina gauge is getting the axe.




The stamina gauge accumulates too slowly.

As mentioned previously, we plan to repeal the stamina gauge.
#10 May 27 2011 at 8:53 AM Rating: Good
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One thing that could be quite neat now that the need to spam attacks is gone could be queuing abilities using the action gauge.

For example, you could choose to stack 3 attacks each costing 1/3 on the bar, and they'd all be used in succession. The downside would be you'd not be able to anything else and react till they'd gone, and also you'd deplete the whole bar in one. The upside could be combo effects like additional damage or status effects (kinda like a 1-man battle regimen).

I'd imagine it would sort of turn into something more FF13-esque, only without basic attacks.
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