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Thoughts on the upcoming update video?Follow

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It has been a long time coming...hopefully the video will show all of us a bit more on how some of the new battle adjustments and features will be implemented. SE (FFXIV to be more exact) has a lot riding on the video alone. If it is anything like some of the preview videos we've been so lucky to view in the past (Dodo fights...), I just wonder if the video will do the update justice...I went back to FF11 for a month, and it was neat to see the level cap at 90 and going to 99. It had remained at 75 for so long, but it does follow suite with the FF series level cap of 99/100 or whatever.

I know it gets said and thought everyday, but it would be amazing if SE could save this game or at least begin to...and this video is going to be start of it all. If SE remodels FFXIV to basic FFXI standards, then SE will make money just as they did with FFXI. The community is already there...(and let me say Bodhum is no community, but I guess I cannot speak for all servers) but they just need a reason to switch over.

We're getting "auto attack" and a "FF-style job system"...
We have a...I'll say "decent" open world, and Gridania's forest is being remodled, no?
We need "skillchains" and "magic bursts" and more reasons to party...
We need a travel between the 3 major cities to be much harder because Ul'dah does not equal Jueno.

Lastly, I've been against it forever, but give the people female/male all races...let them eat their cake if it will make them play! If you have any thoughts on tomorrow's video or the upcoming update, please share your thoughts! Thanks.

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