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My will to play has been rejuvinatedFollow

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by this series of videos:

These are from someone on these forums, but I apologize for not being able to give them credit personally.

I always thought hate was just terribly implemented and playing like it was FFXI's hate system led to a lot of frustration. I'm not sure if this is common knowledge to people currently playing but I know hate is a mystery to all those who are lurking on the sidelines.

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Dr Mog.. Enjoyed your videos.

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TwiddleDee wrote:
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Louiscool wrote:
I'm not sure if this is common knowledge to people currently playing

Either way, it'll all be changed soon. XD
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Too bad that second tip wasn't really correct. Or could have been explained more clearly.

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Which part? I, despite playing off and on since launch, am very uneducated in the game mechanics.

Is the hate list information incorrect? That would be disappointing because I took it to mean that hate management is much more or a teamwork oriented ordeal, and that someone could, in theory, trick attack the tank by dropping a bomb, then the tank taunts and the archer just lays low for a bit to cool down while the tank now has much more hate than the melees and mages.

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He is talking about people having different threat lists. There is one list, the list generated by the monster with hate he has towards each player.

He says that the threat generated by Provoke and Taunt are dependant on the threatlist of the monster. That's not true.

What Taunt & Provoke do:

1)They generate a static amount of threat. "Taunt II" & "Provoke II" generate bigger amounts.
2)They place a debuff on the monster. While the debuff is active the monster will ignore the threatlist and just attack you.

1) Pulling with either only claims the mob, no threat generation.
2) If someone provokes, any other provoke done during the debuff of the first provoke is ineffective.
3)If someone taunts, any other taunt done during the debuff of the first taunt is ineffective.

1) For threat generation: Taunt & Provoke stack. You can use them right after eachother.
2) In roaming parties, a lot of tanks pull with Taunt & Provoke together. The first one is ineffective, but the second one won't be. Ofcourse it's better to pull with something else, but Taunt & Provoke have a big range and keeps you from having to set another ability.

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