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#1 Jul 17 2011 at 1:32 PM Rating: Good
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Played ffxiv throughout beta and very casually at launch up until about when they added leve-link. Coming back now after not playing for 8-9 months i feel kind if lost. previously i would do my local leves, typically solo my regional leves, try and do behest every hour (which now is every 30 min?) and every so often get a grind group going. is this still pretty much the same things to do now? I've tried looking back at older updates but has anything changed that i should know about? is grind groups still good xp and is there a site out there that has the camps and for what level? I see there are task boards at the adventurers guild, are those more crafting leves? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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There are a few grind camps (like the overdone grass raptors), but it's very easy now to get from 1-30 just doing leves and behest. Even after 30, leves (especially leve-linking) and behest are fast SP/XP. There's a wiki somewhere on this site with a list of all the grind camps and their levels.

Task boards a kind of like crafting dailies--they'll ask you to make something like 12 pieces of cotton yarn for the Weaver's guild, and you'll get 500 sp for whatever job you're on when you turn them in, plus a random reward (anything from gil to 100 elemental shards). You can do one turn-in for all crafting/gathering guilds, and it doesn't matter what job you turn the items in on (ie you don't have to be a member of that guild to turn in the item. If you're on THM you will get THM sp).

Good luck!
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I think things are kind of quiet at the moment as there's a major update coming 7/22 which will be adding things like auto-attack and "raids." Also there'll be Grand Companies and battlecraft leves will be shifted to a solo focus.

Currently you can do things the way you described, but mostly I've noticed people just crafting between behests which, yes, are eight people every thirty minutes.
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There is indeed grouping that goes on but not quite the same way as when you were playing all that time ago. Many of the old camps are still around although a lot of the old mobs have been either changed or gone. This thread will help you figure out where the camps are if you are feeling brave.

I found this useful but with a bit of pioneering spirit you can find new ones out there too. My advice is to get into a good shell and foster relations with people in the shell to go out with you and try new things. Believe me if you are going to go r1-30 doing behest and leve's you will go slightly insane with the repetition(although the rewards and faction points are still good). Sephrick is entirely right though, the upcoming patch has got many people just waiting for it so some advice you might get now may become obsolete by the time the patch comes out.

Good luck and I hope you find things that can keep you entertained.
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