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Alfgar has returnedFollow

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Alfgar, the NPC at the Uldah fountain that was talking about the false prophets has re shown with new things to say.

Alfgar: Gods preserve us, the Empire has come! Run! Run for your lives!

When you talk to him he says:

Alfgar: We're under attack from imperial troopers! If you have a care for life and limb, quit this place at once!

How many do they number?

Alfgar: It was only a small unit─or so it seemed at first─but no sooner did we strike one of them down than another appeared to take his place. The only conceivable explanation is that a larger force is nearby, feeding their numbers. The defending contingent is putting on a brave show, of course, but I fear the worst.

How were they armed?

Alfgar: The Garleans bore arms the likes of which I have never seen, and never wish to see again. And as if that weren't daunting enough, they brought monsters with them! Truly, it was the stuff of nightmares.

Where were they seen?

Alfgar: It was just north of Camp Horizon that the fighting broke out, but why─ <gasp> You mean to enter the fray, don't you? The look in your eye makes it plain. Well, I won't deny a woman her death wish, but should you live to tell the tale, I want to be the first to hear it. Just be careful out there, you hear?
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Talking to Alfgar will give you another accomplishment like "Seventh Moon Rising" you could get before.

This time it is called "The Empire Strikes First" - Rogue Muse (Gysahl) has spoken to someone who witnessed and imperial attack on Eorzean soil.
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