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#1 Jul 22 2011 at 2:51 PM Rating: Decent
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Was Bold changed to Careful this patch or last... I may have missed it if it was last.

Any way other than the running/attack skating issue this is the only other thing I've found so far that tweaks my nerves a bit.

The reason being, when it was Bold synthesis you were taking a risk to create something awesome (in laymens terms of course). Chances were good depending on your skillbooks and such that you'd likely get sparks or worse.

With it being labled Careful (which is also a method to create something awesome, yet its not something usually risky... more time consuming maybe) and still being a mehtod which you can easily induce sparks or worse confuses my head a bit.

So yes, it's petty... but does any one else have an issue with Bold being changed to Careful? It's something I'll get used to, and it's definately not game breaking... and when it doesn't blow crap up it almost makes more sense than Bold, but since it seems to have the same forced failure rating Bold did I have my minor issue with it ^.~
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