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Another Noob Question About Buying/Aquiring ArmorFollow

#1 Jul 23 2011 at 10:10 PM Rating: Decent
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Hello I have been swarming these forums this whole week after coming back for information and i am very grateful for all the help ^^.

Anyways I have a question about armor( one of the things that ticked me of in beta also )

-where do you purchase armor int his game? All i see are level 1 starting weapons and armor level 1 which you get your own free ones anyways when you begin. This was one of the things that specially ticked me off when i was trying out beta have they added armor and weapon shops in town yet? Such as final fantasy 11 or almost 100% of all rpg/mmorpg which at the very least sells starting equipment? I hope I am wrong about this, and hope you don't have to be forced to make everything for yourself.

-The ability to equip any armor at any level for any class sounds weird as **** also, whats up with this? does this mean i can wear a uber level 50 armor on a level 1 guy @.@ even with penalty this seems flawed.

Thank you ahead of time ^^
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Pretty much everything is crafted, but that doesn't mean you have to make it all yourself. You'll just have to rely on the market wards to search for the gear you need.

Though, in the Lower Tailor ward of every city, there is an NPC that sells most low level gear. For insane prices, but they are there(One for most weapons in Battlecraft Wards as well).

You can equip most lv.50 or whatever armor at level 1, but no matter how awesome it is at 50, it's going to be plain crap at lv.1. The durability loss will be heavy and you may not get any stats from it at all. Probably, your level 1 gear is going to be better in all areas. This applies to weapons even more.

Zam has a list of basically all gear(Besides what was added a few days ago) and the method of acquiring them. If an NPC sells it, the page will list their name and the price(area etc as well). Just like the early days of XI, Zam really is one of the best places to find information about the game. It's far more useful than 14 Wiki at least.

There's not much need for most crafted gear before 10 or so, so you might have a hard time finding them in the wards(If someone isn't going to buy something, people won't continue making them).
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