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Custom Resolutions (or) Moving Windows "Off screen?"Follow

#1 Jul 26 2011 at 9:15 PM Rating: Good
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I'm having an issue at the moment, I would dearly love to play FFXIV "fullscreen" on my second monitor. Obviously, actually turning fullscreen on would make the second monitor useless.

So instead, I've been attempting to get the game to run at the desktop resolution in windowed mode. I'm running into an issue. The "name bar"(?) not sure what you'd actually call it, but the bar above the application that says "FINAL FANTASY XIV" is about 20-40 pixels tall, and Windows 7 seems intent on making sure I don't drag the window off screen.

So my question is: Has anyone been able to figure out how to input a custom resolution, or (alternatively) does anyone know how to in Windows 7 force an application to allow you to push it partially off screen?
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In FFXIV config there is an option under Video Settings where you can select which display you want FFXIV to run on, all the settings you input them (including windowed mode) is applied to your second display - DISPLAY1 = Primary.

/edit - just re-read, it's not possible no, Windows 7 uses the title bar for it's own reasons (pushing up will make it full screen, moving it far right would make it take half the right hand side of the screen) so the title bar really has to be seen to be used and as pulling it up to the top doesn't make it go full screen you're out of luck afaik.

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Urste made a full screen windower for the game which can be found in this thread Or I believe you can use steam to window the game.

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@Bren Thanks haha! I will try disabling this and see how it goes. If it works as it appears to, I love you forever!

Thanks for the tip on the Windower and Steam as well, I'll look into those options if the first one doesn't work out.

Update: Disabling the functionality in windows worked beautifully, thanks Bren.

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