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#1 Jul 29 2011 at 6:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey, I'm looking to start getting back into this game (last time I played it was in September) so I have a few questions:

Are there more quests now then there were in 2010?
What's a fun melee DPS class?
Is the game even worth getting back into yet or should I wait a bit more?
How is combat with the changes of 1.18?
Finally, whats a good server with a lot of English speaking people?

Thanks a bunch for the help everyone! :)
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#2 Jul 29 2011 at 6:26 PM Rating: Decent
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smkitdown wrote:
Is the game even worth getting back into yet or should I wait a bit more?
Wait until 1.19?

Realistically, since you've already played it, you can just reinstall/redownload the game and play it any time you want. See for yourself once you're willing to put up with the game.

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#3 Jul 29 2011 at 9:06 PM Rating: Good
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The only quests in 2010 were the class quests, so yeah, quite a bit more of them now. None that I have done so far have been all that interesting, but some are OK for gil(and SP now, wish I hadn't done all of them before the patch).

What's a fun melee DPS class?

Lancer was the most fun for me, since it's so different from what I ever expected. Next would be Marauder because Great Axes just look cool, and they have a lot of different WS's through levels. Last(Archer isn't what I'd call a melee job) would be Pugilist. I like the idea of it, I just couldn't have fun playing it. Up until 20 almost all of their WS's are conditional(Must evade an attack before use) and that just annoyed the crap out of me. Yet to get this past 19 over 5 different characters.

But, what's fun for me isn't always going to be fun for someone else. There's no penalty in trying all of these jobs(And you will want skills from pretty much everything after awhile) so you might as well try them all to 8-10 at least.
Is the game even worth getting back into yet or should I wait a bit more?

I really don't know. I'm playing a lot less after the patch, but that's mostly due to lack of a ls to do things with, or knowing anyone on my server(Everyone I knew had quit by the end of the year).
It still doesn't cost crap to play, so again, might as well experience those changes yourself and see if it feels worth bothering with.
How is combat with the changes of 1.18?

Auto-attack feels a bit slow to me. Not that any Great Axe in XI swung once in 4 seconds, but that still seems to slow. I feel a lot less involved with the action then I did before, and that's making me feel really bored really fast. The recast time for the old secondary attacks(Broad Swing, Heavy Thrust etc) is a bit to long now as well. Kind of feels like I'm not playing the game, it's being played for me(This wasn't a problem in XI as this was the way it always was). Most people don't really have a problem with this though, so it's all up to the individual.

Finally, whats a good server with a lot of English speaking people?

I've only played on two servers for the most part, Rabanastre and Gyshal. Gysahl seemed to have a much larger JP population, while Rabanstre has always had a large(Or at least more vocal) english speaking playerbase.
I don't know if I can really call either of them "good" as they're the only ones I have actual experience with. Gysahl may actually have a lot of english speakers, they were just far more quiet then rabanastre(I never got to talk to a single person there without using auto-translate).
This used to be pretty fun.
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