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BOO was originally created back in November by some of the first Europeans and Americans who reached R50 here on Selbina. The goal was to gather people based on both continents to offer a fun and effective endgame experience together with likeminded people. Sadly the interest in the game for many of us, me included, died once we had ended the journey to reach max rank. Once SE actually released content in form of NMs the LS was in no shape to actually bring them down.

Now that the game is finally starting to take shape it's time for BOO to be resurrected, although in a slightly different form than before. I can't say I know all the groups on the server but I've felt a long time like the server is lacking a endgame LS for people playing in European timezones that don't speak French or German. This is something I hope to accomplish with BOO.

The project and getting things started
My goal with BOO is to create a group of people that work together well enough so it wouldn't be necessary to have events everyday to get something done. What I want to see is a smaller group (let's say around 12 people if SE stick to their 8 man parties) who are able to attend pretty much every event but keeping it to only a few days a week.

I'm not entirely alone in this project but initially I'm looking for people who'd be interested in leading this together with me. Leaders that will help me make the decisions and finish all the necessary details. Since I want to keep the LS rather small I'm looking for two, at most three persons to help me with this.

What I'm looking for
  • Officer(s) - Any LS needs leaders and, like I mentioned, I need a few people who are interested in leading this project with me. What's important is that we share the same ideals and hope to reach the same goals. The main tasks for a officer would be to help me keep the LS running. Taking decisions with the rest of us and handle issues that may arise, such as disputes between members.
  • Event leader - I guess the title pretty much speak for itself. This person will be the one going through tactics before we begin, handing out tasks during events and even though he won't be the only one allowed to speak he'll be the main voice of every event. Since I want to run all events over Ventrilo this person should have experience using this tool and not be afraid of speaking to others. A previous leader role is a plus but not a necessity. This can be somewhat shared with the other leaders as well.
About me
So why should you want to work together with me on this? I'm a experienced MMO-player who has had succesful endgame careers in both FFXI and WoW for many years. In FFXI I've killed all there is to kill up to the ToUA expansion and in WoW I played the most during TBC, topping it off with a world top 15 clear on Sunwell. Since then I've played off and on during WotLK but lost interest for Cataclysm when FFXIV was on its way. I've also been a officer for a few of the guilds I've been in and for example lead a rerolling project on the EU Saurfang server.

I'm a solid player who expects just as much from myself as I do from the people around me. I've come to a point in my life where I don't feel like spending day in and day out in a game just to reach that top spot. I know a group can reach just as much success by showing enough dedication for a few days a week.

If you're more into personal stuff I'm a 24 year old guy living in Stockholm, Sweden. I have a daughter and a fulltime job so I'm well aware of how to deal with responsobilities. Most often I have a smile on my face but can also be pretty cynical in my humour. Not something everyone really understand until they get to know me.

I just want to kill stuff!
If you're interested in the project but you'd rather not have a leader role that's also fine even though all out recruitment won't be fully focused on at this moment. I have a website up and running but since I want to finish a few things first with the other leaders there's no recruitment form available at this time. However I'm always open for a conversation ingame on my character Nik Niryet so don't be afraid of contacting me.

Additional information
Since I still want to have a chance to discuss things with the future leaders of BOO nothing has really been set in stone but I do have a few things I'd prefer to see in the LS.
  • Ventrilo - I have a dedicated Ventrilo server for this project and it's something I want to be used for events. I don't think it has to be discussed and should be required of the members to use.
  • Website - Like mentioned I have a website up and running using the guildwork community page. It's not done yet until a few things have been decided but fully functional.
  • Event days and times - My thoughts was three nights a week, starting around 19:30-20:00 (GMT+2) and finishing up around 23:30. Perhaps slightly later depending on if it's needed or not. Days I'm looking at something like Sunday, Wednesday and Thursdays but can be discussed.
  • Loot - I definitely prefer using a loot council where the linkshell's members make a wishlist helping the officers to hand out loot. Emphases on attendance, attitude and general performance.
  • LS availability - Once BOO is up and running I'll expect its members to have it as their main LS. Social linkshells can be accepted but no other event LS.
Finishing words
If all of this sounds interesting to you you're free to contact me on Nik Niryet ingame or send an email to boo.ffxivls (at) telling me about yourself and your thoughts on the project. I need people wanting to help me run BOO but regular members are welcome too. My main goal is to have everything up and running by the time 1.19 is released but if we can achieve that even sooner I'd be more than happy about it.
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Hello again

Since I've gotten hold of someone whos going to help me run the linkshell I've decided to take this a bit further and open up the recruitment for real and give you a link to the website that's up and running. I'd still want to find a event leader to help us out even more but for now this will do. Perhaps a future applicant will want to take a step further in time once we get started.

You can find the website at the following link: and as you might notice it still looks a bit empty but it's something I'll be working on over the coming days. What's important is that the recruitmet is working and our rules are updated so you know a bit more what you're getting yourself into.

Hope to be hearing from you soon!
#3 Aug 16 2011 at 1:43 PM Rating: Decent
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Things have been going a bit slow with BOO and we might have been slightly too optimistic when we started puttings things together. Due to this we've taken the decision to loosen up our requirements to join BOO and instead aim to be fully ready for 1.19 and later content rather than earlier.

With the recent information about the upcoming changes from producer Yoshida found here we're hoping more and more people will return to the game or perhaps even start anew. Therefore we're lowering our level requirement to 35 instead of the previous 50.

It's a temporary solution to find new recruits but we hope we'll be able to welcome alot of new faces to BOO who are eager to prepare for upcoming content together with the rest of us.
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