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#1 Aug 02 2011 at 11:44 AM Rating: Good
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But i have not gotten much into content of the game. my PUG is 23, my rank is 25, and a few subs from 10-16 or so. I have done Main Storyline and that is pretty much how far i have gotten. I've done Quests and Leves but not sure where to go to get more into the game. I never been in a real party for anything big and just looking for direction or where i should start. Character is Transparent Thered on Istory, so any help is appreciated.
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There's quite a bit to do, but what do you want to do?

There's your class quests, main story line, and random quests which all give good SP now to help you rank up your main to get access to even more class and main story...

The gathering and crafting classes also have stories and such, also they will bump up your physical level (while it exists) quite quickly. It's not that painful to get crafts to 10ish via leves and even minor grinding even if you don't like crafting.

You want stories or you want SP or parties or what? If you want parties, join a LS or group up with folks via your servers forum on here or wherever (quite a few of the very helpful folks on this board are from Istory as well). If you want SP; hit every leve reset, do every mission/quest you can, behests, and try to join parties when possible.
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thanks for the info, yeh i've done some crafting maybe i will look into class quests and see what those are about. Thanks again. I just gotta get more into the game before i am left behind again like in XI hahah, missed out too much even though i was playing that at release also. guess i have some stuff to look up
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