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My husband and I did toto rak raid this week. Had a lot of fun up until we got an error message and booted off. Well that really irked my nerves cause I have a hard enough time getting hubs to play then this happens... So before I drag him through another dungeon, what are the chances of getting error and booted out again? Should I wait to do this until the bugs or worked out? I just don't want to waste an hour of our time again.

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Edit: duh guess it helps if I pose my main question... Has this happened to anyone and they redid the dungeons with no issues or errors or getting booted?

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Without the error code, it's really hard to make an informed reply to your question.

I can say most errors are due to connection, and not an actual issue with the zone itself.

But as I said, without the error code, no one can really say for sure.
I've never errored from a dungeon except for when my inernet was interuppted, and if you are having a problem in a specific zone, and no one else is experiencing it, you may want to re-install.

Most likey it was just a connection thing, so i'd try the dungeon again and go from there.

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Yeah sorry didn't catch the error code. However, one of my LS members mentioned there were a few people on the boards who mentioned something like this happening. My Internet connection was fine that evening. I'll post on the forums since many here havn't seemed to have this happen. Thanks!

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Your internet connection may have been fine, but both of you getting booted to me means your internet connection to the server was at fault.
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"SE" wrote:
Error Code: 001672

Interactivity, Communication, or Personal Enjoyment

The Final Fantasy XIV servers have examined the situation and determined that you and/or someone with whom you are associating is enjoying the game in a teamwork, specifically multi-player, capacity. In order address this issue, your link to the Final Fantasy XIV servers has been temporarily severed. If you wish to learn more of this error code or if have any additional information you wish to submit that may hasten the development team's ongoing efforts to remove whatever content, glitches, or bugs that led to your receiving the error code in the first place, please submit a formal report at
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At least with Dzemael, connectivity has been a serious issue. In most of my runs, at least one person has crashed. Once it was me, right after the ogre. When we beat Batraal for the first time, naturally we had done it with 7, because we simply could not get 8 people to it.
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