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hey guys , so im kinda lost with the companies so i need a little more explanation . are they like the ffxi kingdoms? in which u do missions ? what level do you have to be to start doin missions?, and where do i find some one in limsa?

sorry guys im just kinda noobish still , thnx
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From what I understand, companies are not like kingdom missions in 11. You're able to accept quests from each of the cities grand company with the exception of instance quests. Say, for example, you accept the Ul'Dah grand company quest for Toto-Rak. The quest will warn you that you cannot accept the same quest from Grid or LL. I'm not sure of the minimum level to start banging out quests but before you accept the quests, it will show you a recommended rank.

To start diving in to these quests, head to the area where you would zone to the market wards and choose (at least in Ul'dah) the second option. I haven't signed up with LL yet but Ul'dahs grand company is in the Hall of Flames.

**Please feel free to correct me for misinformation**
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You can access each Company Hq in the same way as that city's retainer wards, the option will present the name of the Company HQ.

The initial mission on each company I think as a minimum rank requirement of 23.
After completing this you will be presented with information on the company's shop and then two misisons requiring you to access the dungeons. Imperial Devices has a requirement of 25+ while Into the Dark has a 45+ requirement.

although you cannot have the same mission active at multiple companies you will still be able to take Ulda's Imperial Devices once you have completed Limsa's Imperial Devices.


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If I may be nit picky just for the sake of being nit picky, there was only one kingdom in FFXI.
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