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Can Someone please help me with chat filters/etc...Follow

#1 Aug 10 2011 at 6:38 PM Rating: Decent
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hello I am happy to finally have y 2 chat tabs separated so i can see chat and battle at same time. Anyways I am having a hard time understanding or deciphering what the chat filers effect and mean.

what does successful hostile action mean?

successful hostile action by you and against you?
does this mean what dmg i do and dmg back to me?

what abut helpful actions? what the heck is a helpful action anyways?

in ff11 i used to pride my chat log with nice filters that help me understand what is going on but now I dong get it, maybe i am <slow> lol.

P.S- how do i invite people to party from long range? do we have a /sea all "name" command? when i click party menu it gets/looks more complicated than it needs to be.

also for the sake of not making new thread what is the best DOW class for soloing nm/stuff in the game? is it lancer/pugilist/gladiator? I am now 25 thm and con but I am not liking mages in this game due to a lot of reasons ( and no mp does not bother me and rarely goes below 50%) it just seems like DOW have huge advantages due to being able to equip any skills and utilizing them to almost full potential while doing tons of damage. My old main class in ff11 were all mostly pet classes like drg main/smn secondary/bst third main class and i loved using healing breath/etc utility to solo tons of stuff for fun and challenge. Is lancer better than pug for nm fighting and solo play? it looks like its a support class in this game. Should i keep leveling thm and con to 30 for the passives?

any information is appreciated.
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Invite people from long range:
/pcmd add Firstname Lastname

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