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#1 Aug 11 2011 at 1:28 PM Rating: Excellent
If anyone has been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the game to improve, you might find this story significant. Short version is that the improvements impressed me greatly. This is how it went down:

First I logged in and, of course, the patcher went to work. I've changed my router recently, not feeling like troubleshooting all the ports (this one won't forward the right ranges anyway.) So I just let it go overnight. Whatever. Total Score: -1

The next day I log in and start by checking out the new camera controls. Yes! Controller now can change the zoom distance with a combo of the auto-run + camera buttons. Beautiful! Total Score: ~0

Next, I check my friends list to see who is around. Surprise! A couple of my original LS mates are playing. Nice. I head to Horizon to join a Behest. No one? Not single player? Nope, my LS mates tell me there are a lot of other things to do now. Everyone is off NM hunting, doing dungeons, sidequests and SP parties. Behests are a thing of the past. Total Score: +1.

Ok, let's check out the dungeon. First gotta do the prerequisite quest. I tele to Gridania, join a Grand Company, and start the quest. But I get distracted by all the ! on the mini-map. I grab a handful of sidequests and find myself running around completing them, for a substantial SP reward! Fun. Total Score: +2.

I'm just about to complete the prereq quest (Imperial Devices) when I run into a NM mushroom, Queen Bolete, near Camp Tranquil. She predictable kills me and I call in reinforcements. With the help of my buddy we take her down with ease. No drop. But wait, my buddy reminds me that she will repop in 5 minutes. We are barely healed to full HP/MP when she appears again. We do this a few times and it's a blast. Get the drop even. Fun! 5 minute repop is brilliant. Total Score: +3

Now I'm a mage so the auto-attack is minor to negligable, but the increased MP Cure costs are not! Holy crap, this really changes the way you have to heal. And Curaga coming in at 112 MP! Strategy is needed, yes. But that cost is actually quite prohibitive. Total Score: +2

We gather a couple more friends and tele around Hunting other NMs. Namely Daddy Longlegs and Cactus Jack. Got the Axe from Daddy and the Fists from Jack. This is great!

Tomorrow, I tell myself, I will get to the dungeon. And I did. I even had the foresight to set my Homepoint at Camp Tranquil, allowing myself to Return there for free. This type of Return is on a cool down timer. Total Score: +3

So off we go to the dungeon, Toto-Rak, maps in hand, and this is where the party improvements really shine. First off, 4 people and Light Party flashes up on the screen. I've heard about this. An incentive for partying. Ask and ye shall receive. We start to get in the thick of battle and the shining moment occurs. I press down on the d-pad to scroll down the party member list, and their names are highlighted, telling me exactly who I am targeting! Eureka! Finally! It's even snappy and responsive. (In fact, targeting now has an entire sub-menu, allowing you to select Target A, B, C etc. without text commands.)

I can now reliably target specific party members to heal them! Total Score: +4.

We kill the final Boss, Shuala, and get 4 chests. Man that was fun. And there is a level 45 Dungeon too? What's that? You say there is a reason to level now? Total Score: +5

I have died quite a bit throught this. And my buddy is casting Raise II when available but I'm still slowly degrading my equip. Time to find the new Dark Matter NPC and repair my items. Tele to Grid. In Grid, he's the NPC just south of the midpoint of the market stalls, the Gathering supplier. Buy a number of Grade 3 Dark Matter and, Wala! fully repaired in minutes. Sweet. I even checked out the repair NPC who fixed my wand for significantly less gil than before. Then I simply NPC'ed all my repair mats, fent, cloth, planks, etc. freeing up a ton inventory space. Total Score: +6

I ask my LS mates, what do people do to Rank up now? They reply that people are shouting and creating SP parties in Ul'dah all the time now. It has become the best way to Rank up. Total Score: +7

I have a ton of Sidequests to finish up (from Gridania alone), as well as Main Story and Conjurer Quests, which all reward SP now. My friend said that the Rank 45(?) Storyline Quest awarded him 45,000 SP! Amazing. A reason to complete the storyline. Total Score: +8

I find myself very much looking forward to logging in tonight to join one of the SP parties. Imagine that. Looking forward to playing FFXIV.

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#2 Aug 11 2011 at 2:09 PM Rating: Excellent
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I just returned to the game myself after an 8 month hiatus and I've had a similar experience. Five of my friends informed me that they all reinstalled the game and went back to Eorzea, so I thought "Eh, what the ****, it's still free after all." As a Pugilist, I'm liking the combat changes. SP from quests is very, very nice too. I haven't gotten to the dungeons yet, but I'm planning to now that my most of my crew is back in game. Can't wait for 1.19, I dearly want my horsebirds chocobos and airships.
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#3 Aug 11 2011 at 2:29 PM Rating: Excellent
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That's great, Smash.

SE is definitely going in the right direction now.
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#4 Aug 11 2011 at 2:46 PM Rating: Excellent
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Shhhhh! They'll start charging us if they realise we enjoy it.

#5 Aug 11 2011 at 3:39 PM Rating: Excellent
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Great to hear that. Seems there is more to experience now. Looking forward to future patches.
#6 Aug 11 2011 at 5:11 PM Rating: Good
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Good for SE. Still the whole no chocobos issue has to subtract 1. Hopefully being fixed in 1.19.

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#7 Aug 11 2011 at 5:32 PM Rating: Good
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i'd have to agree that the changes have been good from what i've seen so far .. no auction house but if they tweak the bazaar system to be more organized then it wouldn't matter too much having 1 or not long as they add a sales log per say

#8 Aug 11 2011 at 6:08 PM Rating: Good
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Sounds promising :)
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#9 Aug 12 2011 at 9:04 AM Rating: Good
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If you're like me and never got into the old style of doing leves (intentionally failing, then running giant leve link parties) then the new sp changes are awesome.

I'm leveling much faster now than I was before. I came back at the last patch and was R30. I'm now R41, and will easily be 43 tonight.

It's almost too fast but I'm having fun being distracted by NMs and things.

#10 Aug 12 2011 at 10:24 AM Rating: Decent
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Nice post, but I have to disagree with the fact that you gave a -1 for the patcher. I've never had problems with the patcher and it's about 100x faster than Blizzards WoW patcher. I didn't have to configure my router or do anything special at all, just loaded it up and it finishes most patches pretty fast.

Other than that little complaint, I recently came back to FFXIV after a 6-7 month hiatus and have been playing a little over a week now! It's really gotten much better and I'm enjoying the new content they have added. The game seems to run a lot smoother and isn't so laggy, I get 60FPS constant (despite my stock fan on my GPU being super loud), Behest is great experience (SP) points, Leve is rewarding. My only true complaint is the Market Wards. They really need to be replaced by an AH, or just reworked to be much much much simpler.

I find it a super annoyance to have to search through menu upon menu to find one item, and even more annoying that I have to use a third party database to find what item to actually look for. An example would be finding boots... there is a menu for sandals, greaves, boots, and probably more. Why not just have a foot slot search or class armor search? Anyway, it's tolerable for now, I just hope they make some changes to it.
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