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Some tips for FFXIV noob?:)Follow

#1 Aug 17 2011 at 12:38 AM Rating: Decent
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Hi all,

I was looking forward for FFXIV from the first time I heard about it. As a long time FFXI player I was really thrilled and apply for beta. Unfortunately after beta testing I had no will to play - tons of problems and especially control was unbearable for me.

But I am checking forums here constantly and after world about last patch reached me I decided to give it a try :) So I unpacked dusty FFXIV box and installed yesterday. Have to say there is massive change compared to last days of beta - and for the better.

So I think I will be playing FFXIV for now :)

Is there anything I should know at the start so I am not sorry later (still remember myself as noob in FFXI when I was rerolling to Taru around level 20 because I wanted to play BM exclusively.... :)

As for now I created Wilewood Elzen and trying some melee (Pugilist, Lancer) and in long term I would like to play ranger I suppose. (But as I understand it race does not play such a rle as in FFXI right?)

So if you have any tips for me I will be grateful.
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Yeah, I don't think race has much to do with the jobs here, especially since it was setup as horizontal and vertical leveling.

1-25 is now much easier than it was in the beginning Before the last patch (1.18) you could do it in 23 hrs before fatigue.

Fatigue is now gone, and the leveling is slightly harder, but, I was still able to level a character from 1-11 in less than 2 hrs, so don't waste what little gil you have on any gear until you hit lvl 20. You just level too fast.

Also, leves in the beginning will help with gil. Partying I believe can still be benificial to leveling faster.

My main advice would be to find a good linkshell and make friends. To me, this is going to be the best way to experience the game right now.

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Battlecraft and Spellcraft Ward in each city's Market Ward now have NPC selling R1-20 Weapons for all classes. Similarly, Tradescraft and Fieldcraft have NPC that sell tools. It is recommended to buy from NPC because the price is reasonable, players don't make low level weapons often and weapons are important for your grind. However, don't buy clothes or armours from NPC, they are much more costly. You can get clothes from side-quests and leves instead.

At R22 you are able to join Grand Company in each city as Recruit, and allowed to exchange Seal (limited amount available for now) for equipments. It is also required to take Grand Company Quest to unlock Dungeon, especially R25 one Thousand Maw of Toto-Rak.

Patch 1.18 has changed the way you get Guild Marks, and you only get Guild Marks now from Leve at the city with the Guild. It is meant to make people spread out from Ul'dah. You plan to play PUG and LNC, so you will need to do R20+ Leve in both Ul'dah and Gridania to collect Guild Marks for them. You can set Home Point at Aetheryte and Return now cost 0 Anima but with 15 mins CD (Except when you die) so use that as your advantage in doing leve: Set Home Point in city, take Levequest, do Levequest at Camp and Return to city after you're finished.

Take your time to get familiarise with the new control/icons/function etc. some are very helpful (For example Mob ranks or Aggro Icon). You can buy Dark Matter at R1 Camp to repair.

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