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#1 Sep 04 2011 at 2:26 AM Rating: Good
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I recently completed the Rank 36 Armorer quest, and found myself in the Ciedalaes, an archipelago of long islands south of Vylbrand, an otherwise unexplored and inaccessible region, but a unique region none-the-less. I didn't get to explore much, just Hope's Bourn, a very small island. But it got me thinking, what other unexplored regions might players have been to in various quests. I've only gotten significantly far into a handful of class storylines, so I ask others, any screenshots or info to share about inaccessible regions you've been to? Found out any neat information about an unexplored region through dialog?

I apologize for the spoilers if you click the images under Paglth'an, so if you don't want storyline spoilers (minor) and you haven't yet been to Paglth'an, don't click the links. For those of you who have, did anyone check the map and take a picture? Do you remember the name of the area we were in during the mission? Let me know so I can update it. And out of curiosity, does anyone have any info on Xelphatol? I'm curious what that region is, I'm guessing it's the Ixali home region, but that's only a guess, and I know nothing else about it.

I'll post any unique information or images about regions people have been to below.

For those looking to place these on the world map... See:

The World Map of Eorzea with Translations (Thanks to

A series of large islands off the southern coast of Vylbrand.

Hope's Bourn
An island with some unique terrain, but textures and static meshes are all borrowed from La Noscea.

The home of the Amal'jaa, found east of Thanalan, presumably an erg (sandsea.)

An Amal'jaa camp, among some rocky formations on the edge of a sandsea.

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Hope' Bourn pretty much looks like 99% of the rest of La Noscea.

Ohhh, I miss the days of FFXI when going to a new area looks new, refreshing, and sometime a little bit spooky.
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All I have to say is.... Holy crap, is that seriously what the game looks like on higher settings? It looks nice on medium settings, but nowhere near that nice. It's the little things, like how the bump maps are actually visible at longer distances and mix in with the Depth of Field.
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The Ifrit pic is just insane. I just got a new graphics card, wish I could go back and watch that cutscene again.
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I've seen YouTube videos of people pos-hacking to that location. I thought it was going to be for future-use, glad to see that it's actually in the game.

It makes me want to go crafting now. (None of my crafts are past level 9.)

As for the Ifrit location, I was too impressed by the cutscene to realize I wasn't on the main map, nice catch.

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Simool wrote:
Hope' Bourn pretty much looks like 99% of the rest of La Noscea.

Ohhh, I miss the days of FFXI when going to a new area looks new, refreshing, and sometime a little bit spooky.

Well, Hope's Bourn is just a tiny island, and the Ciedalaes looks like an entire region. If I had to guess, I'd say that the region either doesn't exist at all, or is heavily work in progress (at least the version we have in our builds.)

I also imagine/hope that when the region is released in earnest it will feature unique textures and static meshes, and that in reality this island is just a placeholder, and something they needed specifically for this mission.

Whether or not they'll go back and adjust this island when they release the Ciedalaes, or move the quest to part of the region in earnest remains to be seen.

Personally, I just want to see some new info about what the map revisions will entail. I wish we didn't have loading screens between regions, but even if we do, I'd like nothing more than to see some hint at a zone line that I'm about to transition.

It's interesting to me, because it appears that Paglth'an and possibly another unmarked region entirely exists between Thanalan and The Black Shroud, and I believe they may have even mentioned this before. It seems like we just skip that region entirely since it's not in the game yet. It would be great if they meant O'Ghomoro/Paglth'an/Xelphatol when they said Beastmen strongholds. I'm sure they did not mean that, but I am hoping for the best when there is a large map revision, that we might get to explore some new areas.
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Interesting... reading some very old information about Amal'jaa...

A proud race that wanders the grassy plains of Paglth'an in eastern Thanalan. Their size and musculature is on par with Roegadyns', and these warriors are not the least bit lacking when it comes to vigor and spirit. Their bow-wielding soldiers atop heavily armored, lizard-towed tanks have especially been a thorn in the side of Ul'dah army for some time. They worship fire, and as children of the flame have they studied metallurgy, from which they have procured their impressive ******** The Amalj'aa are currently the biggest threat facing Ul'dah.

Aside from the lack of Lizard Riding...

I'm curious about this line about Paglth'an being a grassy plain.

There are no ergs (sandseas) in all of Thanalan, yet during the cutscene in Paglth'an and fight we get to see an erg in the distance. This is the only distinguishing feature of Paglth'an from what I've seen. And it doesn't seem like an accident, as they are not present anywhere else in Thanalan.

It's also interesting it says "in eastern Thanalan" despite it being it's very own region on the world map... I wonder what the truth is...

Personally I'd rather see an honest sandsea, a huge expanse dotted with an occasional oasis or set of ruins. I love me some desert, but I would much rather run around in a sahara-esque sandsea than an sonoran-esque rocky desert.

I suppose I wouldn't mind a grassy plain though, but have a feeling it might end up feeling too much like Thanalan. We'll have to wait and see, I must admit, I would love to get a little tease of these new areas, even if they're a long way off still.

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