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#1 Sep 24 2011 at 10:25 AM Rating: Excellent
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Okay, now I'm not for pirating, but I can't find a copy of FFXIV in any of the stores around my rural area. If I get the ISO's and install it, is there an option to purchase an account through that? Or do I actually need to get a "Buddy Pass" thing or whatever to play the game?

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I don't know of any way to purchase just the activation code. If you can't find a copy in the stores, there's always ordering from amazon or ebgames. It looks like it goes for $27 on amazon with free shipping and $30 at It's not a bad deal on amazon with the free shipping. It looks like there is 1 CE edition left on amazon for a little bit more. It'll come with a buddy pass.
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Victrola wrote:
.iso image is like a CD or DVD image, where you copy copyright minerals onto a physical object (should I? oh man... cry tears) ya know? Basically you gotta buy some super software editing software, or risk your internets to get it.

If you loose everything get it (like an ice cream cone)
If you remember it pack it away (can you buy it? But don't wanna do it now >.<)

Let's do that and then google how to decrypt the images

Do you mean to tell me that Vic's still alive!? Somehow I thought he would have choked to death on a candy wrapper or fallen victim to some other, equally ignominious end by now...

At any rate, thank you for providing the quality of advice we've come to expect from you, Vic. And remember, fellow readers: anybody can make an unclear, rambling post peppered with misused words and nonsensical similes throughout - but only Vic adds that little hint of genuine crazy, like spicy ******* on top of a dubious cake.
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Victrola! What happened to us playing Steam games over the summer? :(
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