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Forgot password and e-mal address no longer exists...Follow

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Greetings, I am new here but I have a question.

My husband and I wish to return to FFXIV, but he could not log in to his account due to forgotten password. It gave us the "blocked for suspicious activity, please check your e-mail." Well, the issue is that the e-mail address he had used to create the account had been deleted due to being hacked. So now we can't check the e-mail to reset the password.

I've read that you have to call SE to clear this up and it isn't easy. What information will be required of him to get his account back? If anyone has information on this it will be appreciated.
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Thank you Sephrick! Hopefully it works out.

Victorla, thank you. Well, the lock out was due to us trying to log in 3 times. We have several passwords that we use and just forgot which it was. As for the e-mail hacking it was a virus that starts sending out random junk mail to your contacts. The account was closed pretty instantly once it happened by Yahoo. (That address was not linked to any money accounts.) We never put in our billing info to SE, either.

Thanks to you both! :)
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Xila31 wrote:
Victorla, thank you.

Nono, you don't seem to understand: we don't thank Vic here - in fact, we're not even supposed to directly refer to him, but that can't be helped at this point since you've gone and done it anyway. You see, the predominant theory is that he-who-must-not-be-named is actually lesser demon summoned by the unruly disappointment of FFXIV's release and perpetuated through the speech act. Referring to you-know-who directly constitutes a transfer of power, and the internet - and all of its anonymity, its rage, and its argumentation - provides the nourishment.

The sacrifice of Tanaka kept you-know-who at bay within the summoning circle for a number of months, but now the circle has been broken - smeared by a disturbance in the force internet and he's free once more. It's fine, though; you didn't know.

At any rate, I hope you can recover your account(s). d(^_~ )
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