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Question on Macros, Traits, and ActionsFollow

#1 Sep 27 2011 at 3:21 AM Rating: Good
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Sorry if this has been posted before, I searched here and on the main SE FFXIV forums as well as read the macro guide here and on Lodestone.

The System seems really clunky, so I want to be sure I am not missing something... So far, to change between DoW/DoM roles using macros, it seems the best way to change is to have a macro that empties my traits and action settings first...

/eaction 1 ""
/eaction 2 ""
/eaction 3 ""

and so on. Then I have macros to equip the ones I want. If I do not do it this way, the equip action menus for the jobs will often not work or not work completely. For example, changing from a higher level class, like my 24 MRD, to a lower level, like my 16 PUG and most of the macro lines will error due to all the MRD actions still on my bar eating up my PUG attribute points...

Now, I remember it being this way 6-8 months ago, but a lot has been improved, so I want to make sure I am not missing any new macro tricks or configuration options. To me, it seems like the easy fix would be for SE to add a config toggle that made all your traits and actions reset each time you change classes. That way you could start your macro with the first line being a /equip Main "weapon name" line and the rest being attributes and traits. Another way is that they could just have the game store your last action and trait set up by class type and auto change back when you switch back...

In fact, both of those options seem like such common sense, I wonder if it might be something they already changed and I am just missing it. Especially since I have not seen many people complaining on the forums about how annoying it is to switch classes right now... My highest class is MRD, but for that I currently need a minimum of 5 macros, 1 to remove my current actions and traits, 2 for equiping MRD armor and gear, 2 for traits and actions.

Any help or advice is appreciated!

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Well If I actually saw you play online in the linkshell I would just tell you Leo;
#3 Sep 27 2011 at 9:57 AM Rating: Excellent
Do your /eaction Macros in reverse order.

Everyone does it differently but here's my way:

I have 5 Macros for every class (6 for shield classes):

Weapon Macro
Armor Macro
Line 1 Macro - /eaction 1 to /eaction 10
Line 2 Macro - /eaction 11 to /eaction 20
Line 3 Macro - /eaction 21 to /eaction 30
(Shield Macro)

The probelm you are having is when you switch to a lower class you dont have the points to set all your skills. You need to copy/paste these three Line macros for every class, and leave them blank until you get enough points.

Blank /eaction will remove abilites.

First, switch to a lower class using your Weapon Macro.

Now, empty out your skill slots by using the empty Line 2 and 3 Macros first.

Then, use your Line 1 Macro to set your few skills.

Last, leave an empty slot where you want your Shield (Guard ability) and equip your shield. Guard will drop into the first empty slot.

This works even if you set a few Cures or something to Lines 2 or 3, it will still empty out the rest of the slots. Unfortunately, this take a great deal of time to scroll through all these. They have promised to remember abilites by Class at some point in the future.

Hope this helps.
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Basher! I been on off and on quite a bit lately, and was on all weekend! Usually don't see anyone in CD much, but there was actually 4 of us online last night! Icey, Ladonis, and Naylia, and I! I think a few more may trickle back in with these big patches coming in, and if TOR is as bad as I hear it is... You sure you still have a CD shell?? ;)

I'd say "let's go party on one of your low level toons", but it does not look like you have any :p
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