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What have the Japanese done to Batraal?Follow

#1 Oct 02 2011 at 7:11 PM Rating: Decent
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Seriously... I saw this and now have only a day to try lol...

4THM, 3CON, 1GLA correction: 6 arc, 1 con , 1 gla

Dark Seal
Blood Rite

Battle Regimen Order:
Scourge II
Aero II
Scourge II
Aero II
Scourge II
Aero II
Scourge II
Circle Slash II?


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Like Final Fantasy XI, the game specs will be extremely high for the time, but in about 5 years, an average machine can run it on max settings with little to no issues. Tanaka also expressed interest in making a benchmark program available.

FilthMcNasty wrote:
I endorse this thread.
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Sweet jesus...
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Actually they are abusing a bug with the BR that tags buffed normal attacks onto the end of the BR to gain the multiplier.

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#4 Oct 02 2011 at 8:15 PM Rating: Good
The party setup is 6 arc, 1 con , 1 gla
the BR multiplier is approximately 600% if you watch closely single arrows are hitting batraal for around 1200-1300 ea
through multishot.

We have tried this with various success-it is very hard to get the timing right on when to do the light shot. You also only have around two days left to try it tho.

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