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How to Create a RetainerFollow

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How do I get a retainer created? Everytime I go in the menu to call my retainer, it says it's not created. Is there a quest I have to complete?
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You just need to speak to an NPC, it's not an actual quest or anything.
In Limsa it's Ursulie
In Ul'Dah it's Thaisie
And in Gridania it's Gyles

You just talk to them, choose the race, and then they show you a selection of different retainers. You can choose their name after you've made your selection. They all do the same thing, but have slightly different personalities. Some act like they're five years old, some are a bit religious, some just want to get paid and go home, etc. If you just want to store stuff, just choose whichever. You may need to be at a certain point in the story quests, but if that is actually the case you don't need to be very far in at all.
All of these are in their respective cities Adventurer's Guild by the way.

I have no idea why Gridania is called the Briefing Room here. That makes no sense to me at all.

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This used to be pretty fun.
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It used to be part of the initial starting quests for each city... is it not anymore? Or did you just click through everything it said?
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