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On Saturday it occurred to me that if they want us to form parties they should really give us a list of camps. As a long time FFXI player I'm well aware that your average player doesn't want to explore or experiment. Most people don't have a lot of time and just want to put up their flag and be told where to go.

Then it occurred to me I could try to make one >_>

It rained continuously in La Noscea, the Shroud was a nightmare to map, I was killed numerous times by monsters above Lv.70 (they always loaded after I ran by ~_~), and I even met a Lv.99 Goblin in the Central Shroud who can probably solo ifrit.

But it was fun, and well worth it. The world really is a big place. I'm particularly surprised by the amount of high level zones that exist. I always thought Coerthas and Mor Dhona were the Lv.40+ zones. But there are 11 additional zones/areas that contain Lv.40+ mobs.

Unfortunately, my maps are not actually complete. My highest job is my Lv.35 Lancer and I was unable to explore many places. That said, I found around 109 camps >_>

The maps are on photobucket at:

I apologize if they're rather large. It took me over an hour to find these maps. They were my only option. I even tried to learn how to make my own and found nothing :(
(In fact, as I never upload pictures, it took me forever to find out how and where to upload them...)

The format for camp locations is:
"<,>" An arrow pointing to the camp location.
Lv.?? [monster name] (how many)

Now to any Lv.50s who'd like to help finish this... There's two things you can do.

First, concerning the maps I have on photobucket. Areas I haven't explored are overlayed in white and marked with "No Data".

Second, here is a list of zones that are completely unexplored.
Northern Thanalan
Southern Thanalan
Coerthas Central Highlands
Coerthas Central Lowlands
Coerthas Eastern Highlands
Coerthas Western Highlands
Mor Dhona
East Shroud
West Shroud

Please include specific coordinates (especially around lower/upper areas), level range, monster name, # of monsters, if they aggro and anything else of value.

If we want to encourage people to try out camps then it's very important to give them as much info as possible to save them time and frustration ^^ (Atleast, in FFXI this would be critical information.)

Now for how to use this camp information... I'm curious as to how the new Linking System works.

In FFXI, for example, it's rather simple. A solo player fights weak monsters. A duo would fight something stronger. A full party with a tank/healer would take on something much stronger.

But with Linking if that same full party attacked the same mob would it link with x amount of monsters and kill the party? Or would the difference in strength cause the monster to not call for help? From what little I've observed the system doesn't seem to go off simply the size of the party. As a Lv.10 Archer I attacked a Lv.1 Funguar and it linked with a Lv.9 Funguar which was right next to it. And I saw a Lv.41 Pug attack a Lv.33 Apkallu and it linked with another Lv.33 Apkallu.

In any case, get out there and have some exciting adventures :3
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Let me be the first to say Thank you for doing this. Bookmarking page so that when my husband and I play we'll have an idea where to xp. Thank you again.
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Thank you!!!!!!!

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Here you go

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