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#1 Oct 11 2011 at 11:08 AM Rating: Good
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Does the exp multiplier still exist?

I've heard yes and no... So, are some mob types worth more than others still or does it just go by level?

Does anyone have a link to maybe a chart with multiplier values of mobs if they exist?

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#2 Oct 11 2011 at 11:14 AM Rating: Excellent
[dev1132] Several adjustments have been made to overall experience point rewards and the current party bonus algorithm.

The following are used to calculate experience point rewards:

Level-based EXP
    The general rule for calculating experience point awards is to divide the amount of experience needed to level up by the number of encounters the current level* is intended to last. The amount of EXP yielded increases proportional to character level.* The level used in this calculation is either the player's or the enemy's, whichever is lower.

Difference Between Player and Enemy Levels
    Higher level enemies will yield more EXP, while lower level enemies will yield less. This revision will not greatly affect the amount of EXP obtainable. However, a cap will be imposed upon the bonus awarded to players for defeating higher level enemies.

Party Size
    Each additional member in the party reduces the amount of experience points yielded. Although the reduction is greater than before, it will be offset by the bonuses granted by EXP chains and linking.

Enemy Type
    As the variance in strength between enemies has been reduced (see below), enemy type will not influence EXP yield. * The exception to the above is those enemies deemed extremely weak or strong.

Link Bonus (see below)
    Experience point bonuses are now rewarded for defeating enemies which appear together with the initial target.

EXP Chain (see below)
    Defeating enemies in quick succession will now earn players experience point bonuses.

Guardian's Aspect
    Invoking Guardian's Aspect when activating a levequest will grant players an experience point bonus upon quest completion.

    There are several pieces of low-level gear which grant their wearers experience point bonuses.


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#3 Oct 11 2011 at 11:21 AM Rating: Good
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Ah those patch notes were so long, I thought this sounded familiar.

Sorry :D for the dumb question SA - had just read a forum post about how OP PL is where the exp multiplier is high... and was confused. :()

Close this thread plox if you would.
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