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Hi there

I started earlier tonight (well yesterday as it is now 1pm Xo) on making some tables for materia and posting it onto the Zam Wiki as a reference.

Base Data for the amounts come from the FFXIVPro Materia table -> The rest of the data comes from me standing in the market wards, scrolling though the materia tooltips in item search. The first part remains unfinished (as I am too tired), but I would like some help in ascertaining some information.

There are 16 possible values for the stat bonuses for each materia. Take for example Bloodthirst: If you look at the tooltip in game in the market ward search, it says that levels I-IV are +10, +25, +40 & +55 respectively. However when I ran through some wards checking out level I, some had 10, some had 17 and 20 which led me to conclude that there are 4 possible values per level for the bonus stat (4x4 = 16).

That got me to thinking how this was determined. It occured to me that perhaps the quality of the base item led to the variant (i.e NQ = 10, +1 = 14, +2 = 17 +3 = 20). So I would like some help from anyone willing to test out materia-ising hq gear and paying attention to what bonus they get on completion in relation to its quality.

However, note that not all Materia has 16 values. Take for example Gatherers Guerdon who has : 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 3 0 0 4 5 0 0 6. Which may indicate that;
all item to Level I always equals 1,
all items to level II always equals 3,
NQ, +1, +2 to level III equals 3 and +3 equals 4
NQ, +1, +2 to level IV equals 5 and +3 equals 6

Anyway, thats my theory and I hope anyone out there recording their materia processing can give me a hand. Also feel free to make any corrections if i got something wrong on my tables.

Oh and sending up the Wiki signal to Wint and State - is there some trick to getting tables to sort?

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where are the catalysts gathered from? Higher rank nodes? Thinking might be lucrative to get fishing
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Yes. If you red my post you will see that I cited FFXIV pro as the source of the numbers data I was using. However that page does not include information on what gear slot items can be melded with what materia or the catalyst used, which is the point of the page I am making.

I have now added in all the stats for the materia to the first table. I do not posess a large amount of HQ equipment to test what variations they make when Materia-ised, which is the information I am after to see if the quality of the item affects which of the 4 stats you can get on each materia.

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I dunno if people actually check the relation between the individual stat rogue and the item lvl/quality. It would be hard to compile this data. Although I can tell you the
quality within the grade affects the forbidden materia meld-two maximum grade III had a success rate of 22% while 2 lower grade III had a rate of 27%

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A while ago Alderton posted lists of materia by slot on the official forums. IMO this is the easiest way to decide which materia to bind in each slot. You can check out his lists here:




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I have gotten VIT +20 from NQ items.

As far as your table question goes use class="datatable sortable" or class="datatable sortable autowidth"
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Does anyone have a good link or the actual info on the best places to get the catalysts?
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