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#1 Oct 14 2011 at 1:45 PM Rating: Good
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Hey all. Haven't been round these parts in awhile. Been sorta kinda almost keeping an eye on the changes of the game (cause I *really* wanted it to work back when it came out, and I have the birth certificate to prove it) and things are different enough now that my interest is piqued. Also I have more time to actually try and play an MMO now. Also I'm typing grammatically correct. Those of you who have known me for awhile will understandably be shocked. I know I was. I blame this stupid master's thesis I've been working on. Friggin' college, with all it's rules.

So, uh, I already bugged the MRD's about combat changes, but specifically what major stuff has been revamped recently? I haven't checked back here in months, and aside from the odd article on Kotaku about the changes happening in FF14 I really haven't kept up on things like I've wanted to. I figured I'd come here and peruse some threads, but after spending a good five minutes staring at the main page I realized I had no idea where to start. I noticed I have all this "dated" gear in my bag now. ****, pretty much everything I have is dated unless it's weathered. I'm guessing that's the games way of saying "Wow, you're old and your stuff is old" but then that brings me to the next question which is....what the **** do I do with all this old stuff? Get rid of it for new stuff I presume, but that brings me to....browsing the market wards? Oh by the Keeper please no. Do they even still have market wards? Please tell me they were excised in some grand economic crusade. I'd check the map in game but I can't remember which hotkey to open the menu. My gut tells me it's on my keyboard somewhere, so I'll just start at the ~ key and work my way over to the Numpad minus sign.

It's kinda exciting....I'm a newb all over again. Only I have 15ish levels in three or four different jobs and a bunch of gear that makes me feel old.
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