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Returning, what have I missed?Follow

#1 Oct 14 2011 at 4:19 PM Rating: Decent
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A friend and I joined XIV for its release, snatching up the collector's edition and playing happily until around mid-November of 2010 when we finally decided to take a break and let the game grow more, since it was lacking at the time. Having checked in here and there to see how the game was coming along we have now decided to rejoin the game with a fair bit of excitement for the coming changes, but returning now has made me wonder what I have missed since we departed last November.

What in the way of events and updates have we missed out on and were there any limited availability items released, such as those often accompanying seasonal events like in FFXI? How far behind the curve can we expect to be? I've read that some items and recipes are going to be phased out? Are there any me and my friend should try and acquire before then?
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Everything you need to know is either in another thread on the first or second page of the general forum or at

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Wow, I was thinking about returning too after reading the news but now... Looks like the poor community hasn't changed. If you really like this game, would you agree now is the time to tolerate repetitive post to get people playing FFXIV?

So, where's the AH o.O

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So, looking around I've found...

Christmas Gear Set from the Starlight Celebration. No longer available, but almost certainly a re-occurring event.

Usagi Kabuto Helmets from the Heavensturn and the Usagi Kabuto event. No longer available, probably a one time thing since its year of the rabbit?

Summer Gear Set from the Firefall Faire—Bombards Ablaze! event. No longer available, probably re-occurring like the summer events from XI.

Moonlet from the Hunter’s Moon: The Curse of Dalamud event. No longer available? Was this a story event? ...

There was also the Valentines/Little Ladies'/Hatching-Tide events, but I'm unsure if anything came from those.

Looked up the patch updates and scanned them, still excited, seems like it will be a fairly different game I'll be jumping into compared to release, and its going to change even more in the future.

Doesn't seem like there are any soon-to-be/already outdated items for me and my friend to hunt down for novelties sake.

Is there anything I've missed?

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One thing you may have missed is they are going to charging for the game in nov/dec.
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And are working on 2.0, which is very exciting. Not to mention loads of new content and updates in the coming months. People always seem to forget that...
#7 Oct 15 2011 at 10:56 AM Rating: Default
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Yes, looking at whats to come has me excited, which is partly why I'm returning. :)
#8 Oct 15 2011 at 11:56 AM Rating: Good
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They added companies, chocobos, and airships. Companies you'll need to be level 22 or higher but it shows some storyline about Meteor, Cid, and stuff like that. Plus you get your own chocobo.
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UltKnightGrover wrote:
They added companies, chocobos, and airships. Companies you'll need to be level 22 or higher but it shows some storyline about Meteor, Cid, and stuff like that. Plus you get your own chocobo.

Ah, thanks, was wondering about the birds. Been seeing people with them all over. :)
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