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#1 Oct 18 2011 at 9:50 AM Rating: Good
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So I recently updated my client and decided to give 14 another chance after reading about the forth coming 2.0 that SE has announced. I logged on and ran around a little and remembered several things I had disliked about this game the first time when I played as the game launched to the public. Moving around with the default controls is counter intuitive to me, and I find them terrible. Is there an easy way to remap the movement and camera controls so I can make them similar to FFXI? I also hate that the camera stays in a fixed position so as I turn or strafe the camera just sits there facing the wrong way now. One thing I enjoyed about many other games is when you move, the camera follows along with me so I can see where I'm heading. Is there any way to make the camera follow along as I move and turn? I think if I could get a better handle on the movement and camera controls, I would find the game more enjoyable. Any suggestions?

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I'm not entirely positive with this, because I primarily use the mouse for camera rotation, but...

IIRC, I think SE unlocked the arrow keys for mapping recently? You may find that you can remap some keys (if not arrow keys, maybe numpad) for camera manipulation. I don't think they've implemented a chase-cam option yet...although if you use the auto-run feature, the camera will take the form of a chase-cam like other MMO's. Only while you're in active auto-run, though.
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Thank you, I will take a look at that tonight after work.
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