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FFXIV for Vita, smartphone, 360? Yoshi-P says.. maybe?Follow

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You may need to paste that in your browser- posting from

Final Fantasy XIV wasn't ever going to win Game of the Year, but that isn't stopping producer and director Naoki Yohsida from supporting the revamped version. Square Enix is considering Vita and smartphone support for Final Fantasy XIV, with access to inventory and in-game item purchases, Yoshida said.

"Not just the Vita, but also smartphones, so that kind of access will be allowed," Yoshida said. "That will open the door to things like applications that people can used to check their inventory, or check the market and purchase things from the auctions."

Yoshida said Square is also still speaking with Microsoft about an Xbox 360 version, but its focus now is mostly on releasing it on PS3.

"The one thing to regain that damaged player trust is to keep those promises, and one of the promises was to release a PlayStation 3 version," Yoshida said. "We made that promise long, long ago, and we still haven't kept it."

I'd love a crafting app!!

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I'm sure it won't be the full version of the game, but I'd love any kind of features, a crafting app would be fantastic. Chocobo raising on the iPhone, etc. Reminds me of the memory card games on Dreamcast, could treasure hunt for Skies of Arcadia and when you got back to your console, have new loot.

Or FF8's Playstation Memory card chocobo adventure game. Any kind of cross platform stuff that comes down the road I dig.
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I believe WoW has an app for the iPhone and Droid that allow basic access to your characters like mail and such. I think there's a pay version that allows posting and buying things on the AH. It sounds more like that where you will just be able to access certain basic functions. Not sure that it would ever include anything like crafting but I guess maybe it could.
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Just being able to manage retainers and browse/make purchases from a phone would be incredible.
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