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Gearing up in 1.19a - Looking for some feedbackFollow

#1 Oct 24 2011 at 9:04 AM Rating: Decent
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Let me preface this by saying - I am just now approaching my first Level 50 class - Thaumaturge. Sometime by the end of this week I should be capped.

Moving onto my questions - Materia is vastly powerful it seems. So much in fact that it appears slotted items may be bumping out the Rank 50 gear from Dzemael Darkhold simply because of Materia. I don't want to turn this into a "my gear is outdated!!!!" rage thread - I'm just looking for some help.

So I picked up the materials to craft my first few Felt pieces. I think I got enough to make the Hat, the Robe or Biluad - the Gaskins, etc. I haven't had them made yet - but then my Linkshell wanted me to come for some Dzemael.. I said, sure I'll try it out.

I will only say that I got lucky with some drops and everyone else already had what dropped - so they were passed to me. So now I've been wondering this morning:

Should I make these Felt pieces and Spiritbind them and turn them into Materia for future pieces? Is that what people are doing? Should I make the pieces - wait until I get some powerful Materia - then slot them (and wear the Darkhold pieces in the meantime) - I'm broke gil wise - having spent just short of a million for the materials - so I was debating just using the Dzemael gear for the time being until I saved up enough to purchase Materia then slotting the Felt pieces... or is it that I should make and wear the Felt pieces then convert THOSE to materia instead then made more Felt made to slot those?

Also - for any mages or Thamaturge in particular - I picked up Water Brand (the non dated) as it seems to have the highest Potency buff I can get at the moment in addition to the slot - but I see Electrum Scepter was introduced as well and has a high Macc+ - can we effectively swap weapons for debuffing/attacking? Just a spur of the moment thought I can't test at work since we can be in Passive mode casting now..

Anyway, if anyone wants to share their thoughts on the most effecient way to gear/materia out I'd appreciate it. I think we're doing Keys sometime this week in Ixali or another Stronghold - I'm going to look up those pieces right now to see if they're better/worse/slotted/etc in case I luck out.

Thanks all,

#2 Oct 24 2011 at 9:20 AM Rating: Excellent
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Slotting for materia can be a very expensive process. For someone who is limited by gil at this point I would recommend wearing the Darkhold drops for the foreseeable future, while crafting and selling felt gaskins/bliaud. The felt equipment in the market wards are selling at a premium since the patch and you should be able to accumulate quite a bit of gil in the next few weeks. By the time the markets start normalizing, you'll have accumulated quite a bit of gil where you can then buy felt gear or high level dated gear in bulk and go out to stronghold runs to bind your armor. The materia system is so random that you'll probably have to go through a few sets of gear before getting the one you desire.

The guys I know who are materia melding like crazy right now all have 1. at least 1 level 50 crafting job where they can make their own high level gear to SB with or 2. have a ton of gil from prepatch and purchasing high level dated gear in bulk. Anyone else who is trying to seriously materia bind without those two criteria will end up broke or stuck with a bunch of useless tier 1-2 materia.

just my 2 cents.
#3 Oct 24 2011 at 9:26 AM Rating: Decent
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Yeah, I didn't really envision how much work atually goes into a nice Materia piece and gil until I started buying the mats for just a few simple crafted pieces. I didn't play during the gil "boon" - so the majority of my friends literally have millions and millions (and like you said, they have like 2-4 Rank 50 crafts) and they are just churning the stuff out and trading like it's nothing. Now that I think about it - that's probably only possible simply because they have so many crafts leveled up.

But your advice is sound - thanks for that. I think I will stick with drops for the time being and focus on accumulating gil to make some more stuff after prices come back down. With all the new traffic I see in the game it probably wont be very long.
#4 Oct 24 2011 at 3:57 PM Rating: Good
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The best thing I've found to do is find gear right at the 41-42 range in THMs case is the wool set. If you don't have Weaver leveled high enough to make it yourself then make nice with a crafter who can make it for you. Get a spiritbond party to cap it. This should melt down to tier III and IV materia. Hope to get lucky and get what you need for materia and sell of the rest on the market. Rinse and Repeat until you can slot all your r50 gear.
#5 Oct 24 2011 at 5:34 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for the idea! Once I get some more Gil - I'll get some Wool stuff made.

Does anyone know if we're able to swap weapons in Passive mode during combat for Nuking/Debuffing? Like Water Brand > Electrum Scepter? Debating if I should get a Scepter or not or just use my Brand.
#6 Oct 25 2011 at 6:22 PM Rating: Good
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Depends on what stat are you looking for, the Bliaud has Magic Potency while there is no Materia for Body that buff Magic Potency or INT (Might be wrong about INT but I don't remember it on Body). If you are looking for maximising your MP pool, Vintage Robe beat the Felt Robe and it can meld with Materia as well.

For Shoes I use Mahogany Pattens with Materia, it's better than the Warlock's.

For Pants, it's the same case with body, you can't slot Magic Potency onto pants like the Clarette's.

Head, depends on what you're after. The hat give MP, the Monocle give INT and Mag. Acc while the Circlet give you +Elemental Potency (good to go with the Ringband of Element and Element Brand).

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