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New (again) to FFXIVFollow

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I played FF14 when it first came out.
I currently have a level 11 conjurer in the city of Limsa Lomimsa (the big one with alot of bridges right?)
The reason i'm writing this post is because i'm not sure what to do.

I still have some quests i'm going to do and i'm going to wander around town getting quests and doing them. So i'm not completely helpless.

My questions are, where can I find gear? do I still have to craft everything like when FF14 was released? Are there dungeons to go to? where would a level 11 conj go to get groups to level up?

what I remember of the game was there was no grouping, there was only quests and there was not much else to do. i guess what i'm asking is has that changed?

i don't mind just running around solo and playing that way, but i'd like to get into groups and heal and such since that is what i like the most.

i'm on the Wutai server, my name is Ritechus Heals. any help would be greatly appreciated as to what I could be doing rather than running around solo doing quests that i barely survive on anyway cause i'm a CONJ :P


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Leveling using leve-quests and the occasional NPC quest is pretty quick. If you are determined to party just talk with people around the aetherite you are currently leve-questing at. A lot of leves have gear included in the rewards. The other key is to get into an LS. This will give you contacts on your server who can help give you direction as you progress. Going from 11-25 is pretty fast, so I would recommend avoiding getting hung up on gear until at least that point.
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A lot of low level gear is available from NPC's by the counter where you pick up guildleves. When I am starting out as a new class I have just been using that stuff. For higher gear on my server anyway you pretty much have to hit the Ul'dah market wards and search for the equipment you can buy.

Do find yourself a LS or two.
Do /say at camps that you want to team up.

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You can find some lower gear on NPCs now in the guilds, or you can still make gear. They changed up the crafting recipes and they only take a few items now. Mob placement has changed all over, so finding stuff to kill at ur LV should b as easy as walking not far from a city for find tons of mobs u can get good XP from. Group play is pretty big now also, and its not to bad to get PTs depending on ur LV. I do see shouts at all LVs mostly (some more than others) in Uldah. I to am on Wutai server and I am on most of the time so feel free to look me up and I can help you out with any questions I can. My name is "Daddy Dufresh" and you can add me to FL so you can easily send a /tell to me if you like. Also the lower LVs are not wht they used to be, they are slower now then they were b4, and another thing is you kinda have to stay with mobs around ur LV or under now in this new system. But like i said look me up and i will help where I can. Im EST and I play a good amount so you should b able to find me easy. I will not b on tonite till about 10-11PM. GL to you.
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Thanks guys.

I will do as you suggest and continue levequests and look for PT's in the meantime at the crystals where those levequests are :)

I'll worry more about gear when I get to a higher level. I'm excited to play again hehe.
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