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Fabul Server - Eorzean Nights (social) / Knights (end game) Follow

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Hello everyone,

I'm Uzziah Jehiel of Fabul, founder and Leader of Eorzean Nights / Knights. Two linkshells for two distinct purposes. From my experience as both a member and a leader of many types of linkshells, I have learned that it is wise and necessary to separate the events of a social and an end game linkshell. I have tried to cater end game events to a mixture of the casual players and the more dedicated serious player in the same linkshell on more than one occasion. It has NEVER worked. For this reason, I run two linkshells.

Eorzean Nights

This is a social linkshell for casual players who don't always have a lot of time to play. It's a great place for those members to socialize and help each other out with their goals. We encourage membership from all regions of the world to keep our linkshell an active place to be at any time of day. This linkshell provides a light hearted atmosphere with no pressure on members. The only rule that applies in this linkshell is to behave like a mature adult. However, I as the leader do not organize or cater the more difficult events of the game to this group. End game events are far to complicated and difficult in nature to be achieved by simply doing a single run to obtain your loot. There fore, anyone who seeks to obtain the spoils and rewards of war in FFXIV is advised to either sign up with Eorzean Knights or find another suitable end game linkshell to do accomplish those goals. If you are interested in joining this group, see me out in game (Uzziah Jehiel) by sending me a /tell and I will immediately invite you to the linkshell.

Eorzean Knights

Is a place for the serious, dedicated and committed player. If you're after the best loot in the game, Eorzean Knights is the place for you. We are organized for exactly that purpose. We should mention right away that we are based in the EU / GMT region of the world and events will always be hosted for the convenience of members who actively play during EU/GMT prime time.

If you are a serious player with any experience in end game at all, you will understand that there must be many rules and regulations to make it possible for all members to obtain the loot they desire in the shortest amount of time. For those of you who have never participated in end game events with a dedicated end game linkshell, read on.

Our Goals

We are here to do battle with hardest mobs and Notorious Monsters that exist in FFXIV. These battles are where you obtain the best gear and weapons that the game has to offer. Know this though, these battles are typically VERY difficult and take more time on average to master.

Minimum Requirements

As you might guess by now, we are going to require quite a bit of your time. I do not want to be classified as a "HARD CORE" end game linkshell. We will never host events every day of the week, thereby giving our members no time whatsoever to do anything else in the game. Hardcore end game linkshells are like that and that is NOT what we are about. We will host events, on average, three days per week, with each event lasting three to five hours. Please, only apply if you are able to give the linkshell this much time on a regular, ongoing basis.

Due to the nature of events like this, a great deal of commitment to the game and more so to your piers will be required. We do not believe that a player can successfully commit to more than one group of people doing end game events. Therefore we have a one (end game) linkshell rule. You may have as many social or other types of linkshells as you like, however we require your full commitment to us. In return, we offer you our full commitment. If you are seen doing end game events with another linkshell, it is ground for immediate termination.

This covers the basics, however for more information about Eorzean Knights, please vist our linkshell web site at:

Our site offers

* forums
* Mumble Voice Server
* Helpful Links
* News feeds from the Lodestone
* Events Calendar
* DKP/Points System

I look forward to meeting some of you soon. Please stop by our site to see if we are what you are searching for.


Uzziah Jehiel

A Message to other Linkshell Leaders

I want to make a brief comment about our recent merge with Nantekota linkshell. On 11 November 2011 I decided to merge the 15 members of Eorzean Nights with Nantekotta Linkshell after being approached by Talice Raine, their founder and leader. I was hasty and foolish in my decision and lost a few good members because of that mistake. If you are a leader of another linkshell and are approached by Talice, please speak to me personally for a further explanation of what happened. I would hate to see another leader make the same mistake I did.

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