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Will there be more Classes/Jobs coming with 2.0Follow

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So I've been casually playing and following the news lately and I was wondering. I know about the upcoming changes up to 1.20 and the general road map to 2.0, but has there been any talk about more classes/jobs coming within the next year or are the 1.20 (or is it 1.21) classes/jobs going to be it at the 2.0 launch?

I think 2.0 will be worth playing and I am interested but at the moment no class really appeals to me much. I was mainly a SAM in FFXI and to be honest that's what I'm interested in playing. I will be a bit disappointed if they don't announce more jobs as I really want to get into the game.(I like the game's mechanics but something about the style of the current classes does not appeal to me, both visually and fighting style wise). I know we will see classes like sam, nin, thf etc eventually but should we expect them for 2.0?

Speaking of SAM, how would it work with the current system? Jobs are tied to classes, would SAM be a job or a class? I think the game is lacking a sword wielding DD class in general.
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Well once they rebalance the classes we have now the next plan would be to release more classes and jobs which is on the plate though as to how long that will be is unclear atm. Though if you did enjoy playing as a Samurai then based on the information released today, you may be able to use abilities that can immitate the playstyle of Samurai.

When I think of SAM I see it as a job that's able to obtain mass amounts of TP easily and can parry quite effectively. With that in mind one may say Marauder fits this role the best even though it uses a heavy axe as it's weapon it has abilities which allow one to counter upon a succesful parry.

Though if you are unclear as to what class you may want to be then perhaps these 10+ abilities may help you create a Samurai like class.
MRD Abl. 2=Increases parry rate. Effect fades upon parrying an attack.(You can think of this as Third Eye)
MRD WS 1/2=Combo attack with the first attack being more effective when facing the enemy
MRD WS 9Attacks targets in a cone before you. Can only be used immediately after parrying an attack.(Can only be used after a succesfful parry)
PGL WS 1/2=Basically same as MRD 1/2
LNC Abl. 1=Grants TP. TP does not diminish out of combat while effect is active.(Can think of as Meditate)
LNC WS 1-3=Same as MRD 1/2 but a longer combo
LNC WS 8=Melee attack. Can only be used immediately after missing an attack.(Can think of as a manual Zanshin)
ARC Abl. 2=Reduces enmity and increases TP generated by next action.
ARC Abl. 1=Increases accuracy.
ARC Abl. 3=Consumes MP to evade a single ranged or magic attack.(Can think as another third eye)

So ya 14 abilities to choose from to make a Samurai like charcater, it then really comes down to what weapon type you'd like to use or what Class may fit the role the best. In that case you do have two options I would say either the Marauder's ability to counter after parrying or the Lancer's ability to attack again after missing an attack which are both pretty much concepts that Samurai did follow.

If you'd like the see the rest of the abilities for yourself here's the link that was posted today

Though hopefully the above will help you with playing to your playstyle lol.
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